Tribute Interview with Shiree Best – The Power of Positivity


For this week’s tribute interview I am pleased to be featuring Shiree Best! Today we talk about the power of positivity.







Shiree Best is a mother of 7. She is a presenter, inspirational speaker, blogger, author and YouTuber. She is author of the book “Busy Moms—How to Make More Time for You” and the CD “Freedom From Fear.” You can find her weekly blog at “Happiness in Motion” and her website at “Living in Joy.” She is a Utah State University graduate with a degree in nursing and loves teaching, speaking, and helping others learn, grow, and find joy. Shiree is also a long-time resident of Utah who, along with her husband, has successfully raised 7 wonderful children and lived to tell about it! She is committed to helping people find joy in their lives no matter their circumstances.






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The Difference Between Doers and Dreamers

I love this video interview segment of Steve Jobs… SO MUCH! He tells the story of how he called the founder of Hewlett-Packard at age 12 (looked up his phone number in the phone book) and asked for some spare computer parts to work with. Well, that phone call landed him a summer job on a computer assembly line at Hewlett-Packard, and you know how the rest of the story goes. I think Steve probably had a lot more “ASKS” over the next few decades.

Reminds me of my son Ben (in the blue tie above). At 13, his father took him on a field trip to the BYU chem lab and Ben was so enthralled with the experience, he asked the BYU chemistry professor if he could work in his lab. Shockingly, the professor said yes, and now Ben at 16 has been working there for 3 years doing cancer research on a team with graduate students and the professor. Ben is now the trainer of the incoming freshmen joining the chem lab team and has even had his name published in a research paper for his contributions.

This video really just lit a fire in me… I need to remember to ask more people to help me with Momni. We are launching a GoFundMe campaign to set up the Momni Foundation to promote our global vision of caresharing as a solution to the global childcare crisis by linking moms to moms in a sharing economy model of childcare.

This new foundation creation is going to give me LOTS of ASK opportunities!! So here is my ask for today…. what woman might you introduce me to who may consider serving on the Momni Foundation Board? Check out to learn more about our vision and maybe consider linking me together with a female leader who would be passionate about helping to solve the global childcare crisis.

This whole Momni vision came from an “ask” of God, back in March 2017. I’m reminding myself today with this video that the most important “asks” are the ones we make in prayer. I need to be asking more of Him, and of myself, and of those around me who are ready and waiting to support, encourage and contribute. Who is waiting for you to ASK? Every giver needs an ask and every ask needs a giver… I want to do better at both!

If you haven’t yet heard of Momni… here’s a video intro and you can learn, become a host or book a Momni at

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Tribute Interview with Amy Ihrig – Supporting Women in Every Phase of Mothering


Today I am delighted to feature Amy Ihrig for this week’s tribute interview, talking about supporting women in every phase of mothering.






Amy Ihrig has been serving women and their families in the birthing community since 2006! She was a La Leche League leader and a DONA certified birth doula for many years before entering midwifery school. She is still an affiliated childbirth educator with The Bradley Method, and teaches a Christian-based maturation course for young girls and their mothers called Maidens by His Design. Additionally, she is an infant massage instructor.





Amy offers full homebirth maternity care and waterbirth, if desired; basic well-woman care throughout your life; and various community education classes from starting menstruation through menopause, childbirth education, infant massage, and breastfeeding support. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Living from Brigham Young University, and an Associate of Science degree in Midwifery from the Midwives College of Utah. Amy received her official certification from the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) in April 2017. She worked with several midwives during clinical training, including an internship in Pennsylvania working with the Amish community.

Amy is passionate about instilling faith in her clients and in their own abilities to trust the birthing process, and the inspiration they are entitled to and are receiving as mothers and parents. Her motto is: “Men are that they might have joy! Women are that they might have joyful births!” 

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Tribute Interview with Dorshan Millhouse – Developing Our Gifts and Talents

Today I am pleased to feature Dorshan Millhouse talking about developing our gifts and talents in the home!

“Don’t give up on or downplay your talents after you have kids. They are personal and divine

and a healing blessing to us. It is important for mothers to help their

children to find and develop their unique talents.”




Dorshan Millhouse is an Army wife, mother of 6, homeschool parent, freelancer and a Christian singer/songwriter. She grew up in Ohio, and has spent time in Tennessee, North Carolina and Texas. Currently she serves as a teacher for the women’s organization in her local congregation and volunteers as a Cub Scout master. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking and cooking.




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Shout-Out to My Mama Entrepreneur Friend – Kate the Inventor of Ergo Spout

It’s time to celebrate the vision and creativity of inventive mamas! Kate is my friend and an inspiration to me. So I asked her if I could feature her and her new kitchen solution (which you are going to LOVE) and share the amazement with my other mama friends. Today I am thrilled to tell you about her product that is launching on Kickstarter.

The Ergo Spout is a spout and handle for Mason jars.



I love this product because it is so useful and helpful in the kitchen. If you like making syrups or salad dressings from scratch, you likely have used a Mason jar to store them. Mason jars are great, but they can also be messy. It’s always annoying when something sticky drips down the side. With the Ergo Spout, those sticky messes are in the past! The Ergo Spout also allows you to pour hot liquids without burning yourself on the jar.

I can’t wait to have my own.









The Ergo Spout was developed by a fellow Mama! Kate Hansen is a full-time mother of three and a part-time attorney. She also loves to cook. A number of years ago she chipped her favorite vintage syrup jar while washing it. When she couldn’t find a replacement, she started to wonder if there was a lid that could turn a Mason jar into a syrup dispenser. But she couldn’t find that either, so she and her husband decided they should make one. After a year and a half of development and a lot of prototypes, the Ergo Spout is finally ready, and she is raising funds on Kickstarter to manufacture it.







I am more than excited to support Kate on her journey as an entrepreneur AND a mom. You can support Kate too by contributing to her Kickstarter campaign HERE


Congratulations Kate on all of your hard work, vision, grit, determination and drive to bring your dream to life! And to all entrepreneurial mama friends out there…. you can chase your dream and chase your little ones simultaneously (just always put your little ones first and the little and big details of life will fall into line for you).

Happy creating! And Happy 4th of July tomorrow!



Mama Karmel


Tribute Interview with Yolaunda Keith – Powering Through Problems with Emotional Clarity

Today I am THRILLED to feature Yolaunda Keith for today’s tribute interview, talking about powering through life’s problems with emotional clarity.







Yolaunda Keith has worked with thousands of people doing private sessions, helping them access their subconscious mind to release past emotions and thoughts. She also enjoys teaching what she has learned about the mind and body at various speaking engagements around the country. She is a mother of five and a grandmother of two! She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Family Life and is a passionate advocate of the family and the special roles of a husband and wife. She believes that with God all healing is possible and along with healing comes understanding about ourselves and others.

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Tribute Interview with Tessa Zundel – Homesteading Happiness

Welcome back! Today I am excited to feature Tessa Zundel—also known as The Homestead Lady—talking about how mothers can incorporate homesteading into their homes.


Tessa is the homemaking, homesteading, homeschooling mother of five small children and wife to one long-suffering man. She currently lives on 15 acres in the wilds of Missouri. She is an advanced master gardener and has worked with several community groups in the areas of home education, gardening and seed saving. She is also the author of The Do It Yourself Homestead, as well as several other publications including Herbs in the Bathtub.

Most days you’ll find her hauling her good natured, adventuresome children around to learn about herbs, small farm livestock, fiber and other lost arts, whole foods and home education. There’s always something being tinctured, fermented, built or milked around here—just ask the long-suffering man! To find out what her latest project is, pop on over to Homestead Lady. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you’re on Facebook, be sure to check out The Do It Yourself Homestead Group—a great forum for newbie and seasoned homesteaders alike!

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Tribute Interview with Robin Towle – Teen Suicide Prevention

I am delighted to feature Robin Towle for today’s Tribute Interview, talking about her personal experience with teen suicide prevention.



Robin has been married to her husband, Kevin, for 23 years. Together they have six children! She currently holds the title of Mrs. Utah America and is passionate about promoting her platform of suicide prevention. Her children are becoming more independent and she is finding time to spread her wings. While her creative pursuits are invigorating, Robin has felt a call that she has been pursuing for several years.  

Because of the unbelievable number of teenage suicides in her community and having a child who struggles with anxiety and depression, Robin has felt a power beyond herself that has come with an amazing amount of inspiration. She is the founder of “Sign Wolf Pact,” a nonprofit organization. The program inspires teens to be inclusive, to give service, to find peace in nature, and to reduce stress through exercise. It teaches team building skills, positive self talk, and life skills that give support for a more connected family. To support her movement, Robin has written and produced a short film directed by award winning director Rob Diamond and has been approached to make it into a feature film. It is based on a true story that focuses on fostering inclusion for teenage suicide prevention and building true self esteem through looking outward. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our youth and finding ways to be the best mother for her children.





3 Tips to Power Away Porn

Every Monday night we gather as a family for games, mini-lessons, chats, music, treats and lovin’ on each other (sometimes learning how to fight nicely).

Last night, our mini-chat was on pornography.

Ten years ago, as I served as Mrs. Utah, my platform was “Stand For Decency” and I traveled around educating parents, couples, teachers and PTAs on pornography and the White Ribbon Campaign or “Internet Safety Week” for elementary schools and their “Crash & Tell” Campaign.

I remember back then… when my kids were little…

hearing these horrifying statistics that kids were seeing porn as early as 8 years old and becoming repeat viewers and addicted by 10-ish… WHAAAATTT?? Now that I have SIX boys and they are teen to preschooler, I’m reminded often about how important it is to keep the lines of communication open about media in general but especially about PORN.

So we talk often about PORN at our house.

Last night was ANOTHER chat… and I used this video to launch our discussion.

We just started our summer schedule and morning


for the summer months and so you’ll be seeing my kiddos help me with some videos. They wanted to make 10 today but I reined them in. You can see… after watching this video… why they wanted to make TEN! We had a blast sharing our new/review knowledge.

I hope it helps you to launch a conversation with your children about media and pornography. I’ve found that when we talk about it openly, casually and often, it’s not a big deal. Our regular convo to make it a safe topic.

I wrapped up our mini-chat last night by inviting my children to come and talk to me if they wanted to talk about what they had seen. We talked about praying for help if they feel guilty or afraid or are tempted to keep seeking out similar images. We had quite the chat, especially about not believing Satan’s lies that anything we ever do would make us unworthy to pray.

Then… a happy moment occurred

about 20 minutes later….

One of my boys returned to me in the quiet of the living room after everyone else had left and I was still there working on emails. He sat down next to me and wanted to talk further with just me about some things he had seen and how that was going for him. It was short, sincere, happy, filled with positive encouragement and reassurance. He was off in minutes with a weight lifted and the joy of a new beginning.

Despite our filters, Disney Circle and screens facing out, all our attempts at protecting our children from negative media… I have come to my own personal conclusion that it is just a matter of WHEN and HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN that each of my children will experience pornography.

I am trying to give them skills and resources to respond appropriately when those moments come. Not nailing it perfectly… but the mama hammer of love is sure trying.

Best wishes to you mama friends

in your motherhood journey today. Send me any questions via the contact page. I would LOVE to connect and further share ideas!