20% of public schooled kids keeping the faith – 94% of home educated youth! -National Home Education Research Institute at the World Congress of Families

Tonight I am offering an intro to home schooling discussion as part of HUB night in Orem, UT.  So I thought it was time to brush off my notes from the World Congress of Families presentation by the National Home Education Institute.

My favorite session at the World Congress of Families 2015 in SLC was the data presented by the Home Education Research Institute.  Wow – revealing.  I already knew that home education was AWESOME and that I LOVE it and more importantly that GOD wants me to be doing it… yet it doesn’t hurt to have research that’s got your back as well.

Basically in a nut shell… home schooled youth are absolutely outstanding and my favorite stat…. “They keep the faith of their fathers!”  Currently only 20% of public schooled youth maintain the faith of their fathers after graduating from high school where as over 94% of home schooled youth do.  That is significant folks and we can see why from the research!

Here are my notes from attending that event:

There is an indoctrination rip current flowing through the public education system that is not friendly to the traditional family that include ideas based in faith.

What about test scores: 15%-30% above the public school average, including the poor families… Homeschoolers spend less than 10% of what public school spend per child.

Black homeschool students perform far above black public school students, even those in poverty in single parent homes. Outperforming their peers by up to 42%!!!!!!!

What about socialization??

What does the research say —– this is a broken record…

Home school graduates are more politically active AND more politically tolerant (by researcher Albert Cheng, 2014-who is not in any way involved in the home school movement)

The Key to the Purposes of WCF and Natural-Family Advocate: More Likely to Keep Parents’ Beliefs and Values

80% of public schooled kids are walking away from their father’s faith!!! WHAT?????????????

94% of home schoolers keep the faith of their fathers after leaving home!!!!!!!!  Reason enough folks!!!!!!!

Relationship with mom and dad 16-17 year old students the more years in home school correlation, all positive, more negative in Christian private school, more negative still those in public school.

I couldn’t type fast enough to capture all of the amazing statistics and research.  I’d encourage anyone interested in this conversation to learn more at the National Home Education Research Institute.






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