Rise Early and Receive! – Two Things I Learned From Christ this Morning.

I was reading in St. Mark 1 and 2.  Both of these chapters tell amazing occurrences of Christ healing believers over the course of several days.  After one day of healings, Mark 1:35 tells us, “And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.”  This struck me as profound and instructional for a variety of reasons.  One,...
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An Instrument of Inspiration

When we act as an instrument in the hand of god to serve others, the access to inspiration is heightened.  Here is a time, shared from my journal, when I had such a privilege. Remembering the hardest day with Grandpa Dave… Covered in shame and filthy with confusion, he had tried to help himself, yet only proved his helplessness. His face showed fear, embarrassment and bewilderment...
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Help Your Children Develop “Photographic Memories”

Our family has developed a habit of memorizing that I learned from one of my mentors, LaDawn Jacobs.  She inspired me to attempt memorizing, even long documents as a family.  We spent about 6 months learning “The Living Christ” that took us about 8 minutes to recite.  At the time, Ben was 5 and Abby was 4.   Word got out about their memorization skills when in Primary, their church class for...
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