The Ups and the Downs – By Contributor Mama Kathrine

  Nephi was a real guy. He was a prophet, yes, but he was also a mortal, with weaknesses, strengths, challenges, the ups and downs of life, and purpose. Just like us.   Remember this situation? Nephi and his family have been through a lot already in the wilderness, having left their home, friends, and belongings. But Nephi has been faithful and has received the glorious vision of the...
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Warning of Wicked Men – By Contributor Mama Kristy

My husband and I have started waking up together at 6am so that we could get a good 30-45 minutes of study in before our kids wake up. This specific Sunday morning we were both feeling excited but stressed as we were in the middle of trying to decide where to move and had found what looked to be a perfect house. That morning in our study and prayer we knelt and asked the Lord if there was...
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