The Manger Moments – By Contributor Mama Kathrine

The Christmas season is always inspiring and motivating for me. This year as I’ve studied parts of the New Testament regarding the Savior’s entry into mortality, the story of humble and faithful Mary, the sacred mother of Jesus Christ, has spoken to my heart. Her wisdom and willingness to do hard things inspires me. This year it’s been easier to imagine her as a real person, one with worries and...
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Become as Child: The Magnifying Power of Christ – By Contributor Mama Emily Perkes

Through my recent research I have had this idea of “magnifying our efforts through Christ” on my mind. I was taught this principle again in the most unlikely circumstances: It was a really, really hard morning. My patience was gone before I woke up and a lot of stress was weighing me very low to the ground. Everything was a battle–full on battle–with my kids and I knew it...
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Become as a Child: The Power We Give Our Imperfections – By Contributor Mama Emily Perkes

This morning I had an hour-long cuddle session with my 2-year-old. You should be jealous–it was heavenly. He woke up an hour early and I decided not to stress about all that I could have accomplished in that hour. You could call it being lazy but I am choosing to call it taking time to just Be Still. Maybe some of you mamas have experienced this half-sleep cuddle fun when your little one...
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