What I Do – By Contributor Mama Kathrine

“So what do you do all day?” An innocent, conversational question. But this time, I was speechless.   We had invited some friends for dinner, a cute newlywed couple. The husband we’d known for some time, and we enjoyed a great evening catching up together. We got to know the wife and learned all about their plans for the future. After discussing education, children, and careers, there was a...
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Allowing Time for Messages From the Celestial world

I don’t know how it works… but I know it does work.  When we draw nearer unto God, he draws near unto us.  When we ask Him questions, He gives us the answers. I recently attended a beautiful event with Sylvia Allan, who shared a message titled, “Scripture Study: The Lord’s Way”. Much of her message was credited to be taken from “LDS Scripture Proficiency” by...
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