A Time Management Lesson from a Monk

A Time Management Lesson from a Monk

We enjoyed a beautiful tour of this Hare Krishna temple in Mumbai, India. Our new monk friend, Nitai Hari, gave us a VIP tour of the campus and even invited us to lunch! We toured, we dined, we saw the rooms where they were creating clothing made of fresh flowers (AMAZING!) for the festival for their God later that day.

At the end of the tour, he was telling us about his schedule. He hardly slept, and as we expressed interest in how he maintained such a full schedule, he said,

“The more you serve others, the less you need for yourself.”

It produced an interesting conversation in the car afterwards as we drove through a monsoon and then waded back to our hotel in waist-deep water. His words have reverberated in my mind each day since. I contemplate whether I am able to be refueled and rejuvenated through serving others or whether I need my own “me” time to feel rested and ready to give more. It’s an important question to know the answer to, because whether you are refueled through serving others or refueled through self-care, quiet alone time or 1,000 other possibilities, it’s critical to know what works for you.

So maybe consider taking a moment to reflect on what fuels you, what fills you, what keeps you on top of your game, and DO THAT MORE! Morning routine for me is a keystone habit that keeps me refreshed and on top of my game. What is it for you that when you do more of “that”… you are your best self?

-Mama Karmel

PS—A shout-out to Michelle Kaufusi, who is running for mayor in Provo, UT. I watched her present at the Startup Networking Meeting, One Million Cups, this week in Provo and I was impressed by her! When she learned that Provo had not only never had a female mayor, but not even ever had a female file to run, she decided to DO IT HERSELF! I’d love to see her succeed! I like her initiative!

PSS—The flow of interest and support for Momni has flooded my social media and e-mail inboxes. Here’s one example of a very excited Momni Newbie! She writes, “I live in New Orleans, so I’m not sure I’d get to be part of beta testing. I just really like your idea because although I have friends who say they are willing to watch my son whenever, I feel like I have to have a really GOOD reason to take advantage of their kindness like that. But I need childcare just because I need to be myself and do absolutely nothing sometimes haha. That’s why I feel too bad asking a friend (with more kids and probably less sanity than I have) to just give me a break. So if I knew I could pay someone to watch my son (ideally with money I made from watching others), I would be MUCH more likely to do it.” A classic scenario of a mother who just occasionally needs some helping hands to give her a break.

Momni is coming! Help is on the way!

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