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Allowing Time for Messages From the Celestial world

Allowing Time for Messages From the Celestial world

I don’t know how it works… but I know it does work.  When we draw nearer unto God, he draws near unto us.  When we ask Him questions, He gives us the answers. I recently attended a beautiful event with Sylvia Allan, who shared a message […]

No more excuses for my failures as a mother…It’s time to get some “mom skills”!!

No more excuses for my failures as a mother…It’s time to get some “mom skills”!!

Yes, I’m thinking like… Napoleon Dynamite style mom skills!!! I need better “skills” as a mother and I intend to do something about it.  2017 is my year to “Master Motherhood!” (or at least make some serious improvements)  I have to thank a good Lutheran […]



Second Guessing Revelation – By Mama Karmel

Second Guessing Revelation – By Mama Karmel

Do you ever second guess revelation?  Are you not sure if the Lord really has spoken to you?  I’m wondering today how all of the puzzles of revelation fit together in my life.  I KNOW He speaks to me and yet I am today puzzled […]

Vienna Jacques – “A Savior of Life!” – By Mama Karmel

Vienna Jacques – “A Savior of Life!” – By Mama Karmel

I have always thought that Emma Smith was the only woman mentioned, by name, in the Doctrine and Covenants. I was excited to learn that there are two!  Vienna Jacques is the second and is mentioned in D&C 90.  I enjoyed reading her life history […]

Teaching My Children About Freedom – By Mama Karmel

Teaching My Children About Freedom – By Mama Karmel

May we, as Abraham Lincoln famously said, “highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain–that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom–and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

My big brother, Mike, just retired from his career in the military.  I have watched him serve our country since I was a young girl.  I remember sitting in middle school, at Washington Middle School, and hearing about the Iraq War breaking out and wondering what that would mean for my brother Mike.  He served there and in every war since then as well as some additional intelligence missions in various countries.  At times it seemed romantic and ideal, his world travels and exciting adventures.  As a wife and mother now, decades later, I more realistically focus on the sacrifice portion of his extended service.  I am so grateful for his and other soldiers service and sacrifices.  I’m grateful to his family for sacrificing their time with him. He’s pictured below with his family, at his retirement ceremony last week.  Well done Brother Mike!  You are an all-American hero and your sister, Karmy, is so proud of you!!  Thank you bro!

He’s also pictured with my parents above.  My dad, Rich Greene, served in Vietnam and my brother Ryan also served in the Navy, continuing a tradition of serving in our family, including my mother’s father, Harry Tokos, in WWII.  I’m putting together a commemoration wall in our home, of all of our family who have served our nation.  A highlight of the wall will be two ancestors, brothers, in their civil war uniforms, ancestors on my mother’s side.  I’ll share another post once it is completed.

Mike family

I’m sharing this video with my children tonight for Family Home Evening.  It’s a power-packed video that encapsulates well, what I hope my children glean from the Memorial Day Holiday.

From, here are some ideas to engage with your children on Memorial Day to celebrate the intention of the holiday in addition to the fun BBQ’s, camp outs, parties and parades.

The simplest thing you can do to explain and honor this holiday with your children is to spend time talking to them about what Memorial Day means to you. Take the day to talk & reflect on the subject of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Honor and Respect

Visit a local Veteran’s cemetery. Almost every community has some sort of a war memorial.

Visit and Pay Tribute

Take cookies, books, or movies to a nearby Veteran’s hospital.

Celebrate with a Parade

Go to a Memorial Day parade. To find one near you visit Or, watch the National Memorial Day Parade on television.

Scavenger Hunt

This link provides kids an online scavenger hunt that helps them learn about the history of Memorial Day.

Recognize our Heroes

Teach your children about medals of honor. You can print a Medal of Honor coloring book and learn the history behind our brave Soldiers.

Educate with History

Watch a movie and learn some history about famous battles of the past. The History Channel and The Military Channel have many shows that might fit this bill.

Create with Crafts

Visit and find Memorial Day coloring pages, craft projects, word searches, quizzes and more.

Break Bread Together has some great Memorial Day recipes for the holiday.

Make a Soldier’s Day

Have your children create a card or picture to be sent overseas to a Soldier currently at war.


“Delivered By Angels” – The Birth & Adoption Story of Brielle Emily Larson By Mama Karmel

“Delivered By Angels” – The Birth & Adoption Story of Brielle Emily Larson By Mama Karmel

Early in the morning of April 8th, one of my dear friends had the following dream as captured by these excerpts from her e-mail to me, The Anticipation and Work of Angels “I had a dream this morning, right before I awoke, about your baby […]

Revelation Word Study – By Contributor Mama Maraly

Revelation Word Study – By Contributor Mama Maraly

Finding 50…. Are you one of the 50 families I am searching for?

Finding 50…. Are you one of the 50 families I am searching for?

Are you willing to “Teach Fearlessly”?

Are you willing to be a creator?

Will you do the work to help organize?

Do you love the Lord and want to serve him?

Are you willing to make sacrifices for your family and for others when you know you have been guided by revelation?

Are you concerned about your children’s education?

Do you want your child to be educated for the eternities, not just for a career?

Do you believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired prophet?  Does it intrigue you to learn more about the pattern of organizing that he established right before his dealth that he prophesied would be the organizational pattern of the millenium? (The Council of Fifty)

Are you a contributor??? Do you like to “put your shoulder to the wheel” and make things happen to bring to pass the blessings you see on the horizon?

Do you live in Utah County or close enough to commute?

Are you looking for community?  Other like minded individuals who have similar needs gathering to support one another in an effort to “educate for exaltation”.


THEN you MAY be interested in what I’ll be talking about tonight!  You may be one of the fifty families I am searching for to create a Council of Fifty and organize to build a commonwealth to support parents in their effort to educate their families.


Here is more information… come tonight and have fun with us, and ask your self (ask the LORD) if you are one of the fifty!

6PM TONIGHT! Interested in homeschooling with an LDS focus? Come to a Sabbath Sing-A-Long (with Brigham Larson on the piano… this is worth showing up for in itself!) & “Sabbath Stations” activities led by home schooled kids. After the Family Sing-A-Long (primary songs and hymns requests will be taken.. with lots of fun musical instruments added in), the children and youth will enjoy various Sabbath activities while the adults discuss “Education for Exaltation”, specifically the Council of 50 (as a leadership pattern) as organized by Joseph Smith, the Founding Fathers and Old Testament Prophets. We’ll also discuss the Seal of Melchizedek as a symbol of the path for couples (and families) to obtain eternal life and how it pertains to families educating our youth, led by unified parents. We will also discuss Zion. What is Zion? And how do we create it in our lives, marriages, homes and community and follow it’s model for education? Message me to RSVP as we will need to know numbers for singing seating and for supplies for activities. We will be bringing some treats healthy and sweet. Bring something to share if you have on hand or skip it and just come!

Connie Sokol and Becky Rogers at HUB Night January 5th!

Connie Sokol and Becky Rogers at HUB Night January 5th!

It’s pretty engaging to participate in anything and everything done or shared by Connie Sokol.  She is presenting this next week at HUB night!  Yep exciting!  She’ll be launching her “Back to Basics” program and sharing her gems of wisdom.  Becky Rogers will be presenting […]

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