Weeding my Heart Garden – By Contributor Mama Heidi Marie

Our family recently moved into a new home and due to various complications, I couldn’t unpack my kitchen. This being the main hub of the home, it was stressful, so I put my energy into the yard and soil–gardens are such a happy place for me. In attempt to beautify our space, I planted a veggie garden and many flowers around the yard. I had a joyful vision of blooms, produce and a harvest...
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The Soul-Garden – By Contributor Mama Heidi Marie

Nature has such powerful life lessons. I adore flowers, blooms and metaphors with these amazing creations. I recently took a few trips to the garden shops with my kids; yes, crazy, but I tried to share one of my happy places with my little ones. Both a sweet and sour experience to be honest, but I love the results nonetheless. The garden shop has lovely growing seeds, the smell of lush dirt and...
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Gathering Daily Spiritual Manna – By Contributor Mama Heidi Marie

When was the last time you were hungry? I mean really hungry, where the pain of an empty stomach made you buckle, or the audible growl of your insides echoed to remind you of your lack of food. Sometimes it happens for a good cause, other times it is due to our negligence and forgetfulness to plan ahead for our basic need of nourishment. This happens with our physical insides yet also occurs in...
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