The Big and Small of It – By Contributor Mama Jennifer

I am not the best at being perfectly consistent about writing. I often do not know what to write and so it is easy to put it off to the end of my study hour and then it’s too easy to just continue reading until my time is gone and I don’t get around to the writing part. I’m trying to be better. I pulled out my notebook this morning as the typical “what to write”...
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Joy in Meal Planning – By Contributor Mama Jennifer

As a mother, we have been given the responsibility, by our Heavenly Father, to use our gifts to nurture our families. Nurturing takes many forms, one of which is nurturing temporally by feeding and nourishing our families. I was at a nutrition workshop where I heard Angie Christensen point out that Adam was given a commandment “by the sweat of [his] brow he would eat.” In our modern age of giant...
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Thou Shalt be Favored of the Lord – By Contributor Mama Jennifer

From the time I was a child in the gospel learning the stories in the scriptures, I have been familiar with the characters of Laman and Lemuel and the fact that they were continually murmuring. They murmured about leaving Jerusalem, they murmured when they were asked to return to Jerusalem for the plates and they continually murmured over their afflictions and sufferings in the wilderness....
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