Loved by My Enemy – By Contributor Mama Maraly

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks when I realized that the men and women who had changed my heart, had been killed by my ancestors. What value do the tiny books of the Book of Mormon have? Enos, Omni, Jarom and the Words of Mormon? As I study the assigned reading for Sunday School class, I was reminded that love and faith in Christ and in people, even my enemies, really change things for the...
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Revelation Word Study – By Contributor Mama Maraly

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I Owe My Life to Revelation – By Contributor Mama Maraly

I owe my life to revelation.   My mother lay down my content three-year-old body to sleep, so that she could open the door to her visiting teachers. Little did she know it was about to be the last time she saw me alive. It was a regular afternoon in 1985, Mexico City, Mexico. As it is custom, she kissed the cheeks of her visitors and they chit-chatted their way up the pavement stairs to the...
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