Connie Sokol and Becky Rogers at HUB Night January 5th!

It’s pretty engaging to participate in anything and everything done or shared by Connie Sokol.  She is presenting this next week at HUB night!  Yep exciting!  She’ll be launching her “Back to Basics” program and sharing her gems of wisdom.  Becky Rogers will be presenting the hour before as a guest speaker for American Mothers, Inc. of Utah Valley.  Becky is a certified...
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A Plea to My Sisters

I was recently invited to share my thoughts on the following conference address by Elder Nelson.  The audience was a mother, daughter night style cottage meeting.  At the last minute, my babysitter canceled and I had to leave my own daughter at home to care for my little boys.  She was so sad not to be able to come.  As we both parted ways in disappointment, I told her I would record the...
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