Become as a Child: The Power We Give Our Imperfections – By Contributor Mama Emily Perkes

This morning I had an hour-long cuddle session with my 2-year-old. You should be jealous–it was heavenly. He woke up an hour early and I decided not to stress about all that I could have accomplished in that hour. You could call it being lazy but I am choosing to call it taking time to just Be Still. Maybe some of you mamas have experienced this half-sleep cuddle fun when your little one...
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Loved by My Enemy – By Contributor Mama Maraly

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks when I realized that the men and women who had changed my heart, had been killed by my ancestors. What value do the tiny books of the Book of Mormon have? Enos, Omni, Jarom and the Words of Mormon? As I study the assigned reading for Sunday School class, I was reminded that love and faith in Christ and in people, even my enemies, really change things for the...
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