Did you know March of Dimes gives money to Planned Parenthood? Check 2ndVote.com before you donate.

Dr. David Black and his wife, both rose from poverty into great success and contribution to society.  His wife went from hiring out cleaning homes as a teen and riding the city bus, and being the first in her family to go to college to becoming a congress woman.  He worked washing cars for a dime a piece to get $3/weekend to give to his mom to help the family.  Soon after marriage, he got a $70,000 loan and built his business from 4 employees to 1100 and a multi-million dollar company, Aegis.  He proclaimed the spirit of American Exceptionalism and how the entrepreneur can rise in the United States through hard work.

He shared a story that recently he was at the grocery store with his wife and when asked by the grocery checker if he’d like to donate to March of Dimes, he gave $10.  On the way out of the store… his wife asked him why he did that?  Didn’t he know that the March of Dimes financially aides Planned Parenthood?  He

Then he shared this valuable tool!

My notes from his speech:


We are not a think tank… we are an action tank.

We have to fight back.  We can do so easily if we spend our money responsibly. Where are they getting all of the funds to carry out lawsuits against Christians.  Think before you give, think before you spend.  This app can help you track the money trail.  Make sure that you are not supporting those who would tear down families.

How could I not know that march of dimes gives to Planned Parenthood. Where is the money going?

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