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Early Morning: Mom or Monster? – By Contributor Kathrine Harlan

Early Morning: Mom or Monster? – By Contributor Kathrine Harlan

In the quest to awaken earlier for personal study time, I felt like I was falling behind. No matter how early I awoke, my children, particularly the two boys, ages 2 & 11, would wake up within a few minutes: conversational, energetic and often in-my-face. In fact, for one week straight the 2-year-old made my alarm clock useless by staring me awake before 5:30 each morning. What could I do?!

I have been immensely relieved to hear that others also experience this uncanny phenomenon of children in tune with their mothers… For a long time, I thought mine were the only ones! But I still didn’t know how to make it all work.

So I made it a matter of prayer: how could I look forward to an early wakening? I felt I couldn’t enjoy personal study time and reception of divine communication, while still being a “good” mom and not feeling annoyed with my kids first thing each day!

The morning after I put the question to the Lord, I was sitting on the sand watching the sunrise before 6:00am with both my boys. They were chattering and/or climbing on me, and I was feeling a bit put-off because I couldn’t have my solitary time. The topic of conversation with my 11-year-old shifted to knowing how God speaks to us, essentially to the idea of revelation. In that instant, I felt the answer. This season of my life will not be filled with lots of quiet, personal study time (although I hope I get it sometimes!). The Lord impressed to my mind how I am to share this early morning time with my kids if necessary, to teach them alongside me as I learn about revelation, to experience it together. Frankly, I love alone time, and I need it. But for this period of my life at least, I need to welcome my children into my study time and show them how I do it, even amidst a tumble of perky chaos. And I need to be warm and loving as they join me, not irritated at the intrusion.

This was not the answer I wanted—I wanted the Lord to show me a way to make my rascals sleep longer! But this IS the answer, for me. I do have a testimony that the Lord can communicate to me, no matter the eager companions of my morning or any other time. And because I can now see their role more clearly, I have faith that my children are actually part of the equation, part of the solution. The Lord never helps me choose the easy way, but it’s always the best way. I pray I can put it in action and make it work in my life.

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