Finding 50…. Are you one of the 50 families I am searching for?

Finding 50…. Are you one of the 50 families I am searching for?

Are you willing to “Teach Fearlessly”?

Are you willing to be a creator?

Will you do the work to help organize?

Do you love the Lord and want to serve him?

Are you willing to make sacrifices for your family and for others when you know you have been guided by revelation?

Are you concerned about your children’s education?

Do you want your child to be educated for the eternities, not just for a career?

Do you believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired prophet?  Does it intrigue you to learn more about the pattern of organizing that he established right before his dealth that he prophesied would be the organizational pattern of the millenium? (The Council of Fifty)

Are you a contributor??? Do you like to “put your shoulder to the wheel” and make things happen to bring to pass the blessings you see on the horizon?

Do you live in Utah County or close enough to commute?

Are you looking for community?  Other like minded individuals who have similar needs gathering to support one another in an effort to “educate for exaltation”.


THEN you MAY be interested in what I’ll be talking about tonight!  You may be one of the fifty families I am searching for to create a Council of Fifty and organize to build a commonwealth to support parents in their effort to educate their families.


Here is more information… come tonight and have fun with us, and ask your self (ask the LORD) if you are one of the fifty!

6PM TONIGHT! Interested in homeschooling with an LDS focus? Come to a Sabbath Sing-A-Long (with Brigham Larson on the piano… this is worth showing up for in itself!) & “Sabbath Stations” activities led by home schooled kids. After the Family Sing-A-Long (primary songs and hymns requests will be taken.. with lots of fun musical instruments added in), the children and youth will enjoy various Sabbath activities while the adults discuss “Education for Exaltation”, specifically the Council of 50 (as a leadership pattern) as organized by Joseph Smith, the Founding Fathers and Old Testament Prophets. We’ll also discuss the Seal of Melchizedek as a symbol of the path for couples (and families) to obtain eternal life and how it pertains to families educating our youth, led by unified parents. We will also discuss Zion. What is Zion? And how do we create it in our lives, marriages, homes and community and follow it’s model for education? Message me to RSVP as we will need to know numbers for singing seating and for supplies for activities. We will be bringing some treats healthy and sweet. Bring something to share if you have on hand or skip it and just come!

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  • What is the best way to share this information since this post says to meet “tonight”? What is the updated information with contact information for someone interested?

  • Hi Karmel, my name is Rebecca Mitchell and I live in American Fork. Back in the fall of 2014 we met briefly…I took over the FLA preschool class you planned to teach. Since that time I have been enjoying your uplifting blog posts and admiring your example of faith. Thank you for sharing your testimony in such a public way and lighting the way for others to follow. I am very concerned about the spiritual welfare of my little family of 4 kids. As their mother I feel deeply responsible to help them come to know God and His plan for them. I tried homeschooling for the first time in 2014. Currently I am not homeschooling, but I feel passionate about it. My husband and I feel very awake to the perilous times we live in, and we sincerely want to understand more about what it means to be a Zion people. I know I missed your first meeting in March about the Council of 50. I am interested to learn more, are you still gathering and teaching on this? Happy Spring, Rebecca

    • Yes I am! Send me an e-mail to and I can add you to our list so that you can come and visit with those who are growing a community of 50 families to launch Zion Youth Academy for fall of 2016-17. We are starting with activities and summer camps sooner than fall. Hope you can join us!

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