Fulfilling Your Life Mission Through Motherhood

Fulfilling Your Life Mission Through Motherhood

Forum on Mothers at the World Congress of Families IX 2015 SLC

Shelly Locke, Betty Aukerman and Melanie Ballard & Showing of Documentary: “The Power of Mothers”

This was a beautiful session.  Here are my notes: (I wish I could have typed faster to capture more of it…)

The future destiny of each child is always the role of the mother.

All that I am I owe to my mother. – George Washington

We need to change the perception of motherhood.

All of these successful men attributed their success to their mothers.  We don’t even know what their names are.  What we know of them has to do more with the generalities of the time.  Women had very little opportunity to aspire out of the home.  Today women work outside of the home and are a part of every profession. However, because of this, their perceived value has become greater if they do so.  One outcome of this is that women are assigned to one group or the other.  This is called the mommy wars.  Thus we must determine which one is right???  Therefore we have full time mothers and working mothers.

If you bungle raising your children, I seriously doubt you will do anything else that will matter in life.  -Jackie O

Careers are our ability to do a certain job and our experience and education attached to it.  What are the qualifications for becoming a mother?  We assume that those careers which have the longest list of achievements required to achieve it means the best careers.

Another divider is money and financial incentives.  We cannot put a salary price on motherhood as you can a career.  There are no qualifications, no financial incentives and no assessments of contribution.

The intent here is that mothers cannot be entirely independent.  A woman cannot become a mother by herself.  She cannot become pregnant alone.  She can become a mother through birth or adoption.  Motherhood requires an interdependent relationship to become and to continue as a mother.  We cannot allow the virtue of independence to over shadow the benefit of interdependence.

Another obstacle to motherhood is the abortion industry.  They would say that a child can be discarded at the whim of a mother.

Motherhood is more than a career.  It is a responsibility that changes our life forever.  A mother will care about her child in a way that no one else can.

Melanie Ballard:

What is a life mission?

Society would often tell us that being a mother would impede our fulfillment of our life mission.

I am here to testify that motherhood is the very catalyst, not the impediment, to fulfilling my life mission.

To wear the crown of Motherhood – my mission.

God honors those who honor motherhood.  He shows that he  cares by giving them a mother.

Other mothers have found their life mission in motherhood.  Janeen Brady – Safety kids, Brite Kids Music.

And the children, they were my greatest asset, rather than making my composing more difficult they actually helped, because since I was writing songs for children I had my very own workshop.  They inspired me with ideas and gave me direction into the needs of children and what they liked.”

I was raised with a strong worth ethic so working with them and raising them has been a wonderful journey.

Laurel Hart – A Watercolor Artist, recipient of a gold medal of honor, paintings in the state capital.

She says, “I believe it is through the sacrifices as mothers that hone us into the more sensitive and creative artists.  Family life is what creates in us the full spectrum of passionate feelings that we can apply into our art. Even though my family members may not be the subject of my art, they are nonetheless the substance of my art. The love and passion and purpose for life my family gives me is what gives my brush a song to sing.”

Motherhood is empowering. God honors those who honor motherhood. Act to support mothers in their role. I have to thank my own mother who gave me the courage to have 7 children and to proudly wear the crown of motherhood.

Shelly Locke

Mothers are the heart of their homes individually and collectively the soul of the nations in which we live. I have seen mothers in their shacks and on their dirt floors teaching them.

Mothers of the world rise and take on your nobility and let your light shine to the world. The glory of mankind belongs to you.  You shape the nations and keep the flame alive by your goodness and your love.  They are the keys to the generations of all time.  The entire world is a better place by mothers and their goodness.  They pass it onto new generations by their careful kind care.  Motherhood provides the fiber for which the fabric of humanity is woven across the world for all history.

Without a mother’s gentle guiding hand there is no tender care and no one to rock the cradle.  When she is present she can arise and lend herself to the nobility of motherhood for all the world awaits the benefit of your hand.

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