God is the Ultimate Mentor

God is the Ultimate Mentor

Introducing the Mentoring Process


I am a believer.

I have experienced too much to ever doubt.

The closer I come to Christ, the more He trusts me to learn and receive.  I try really hard to obey what I obtain.  As I continue to be the recipient of light, truth and answers to my questions … a curious thing has happened: a noticeable transformation has occurred in my mind and my ability. I have experienced how Christ’s mentoring, through the Holy Spirit, has allowed me to “expand my capacity.”  Hands down, the question I get asked most repeatedly in social settings is:

“How do you do it all?

I don’t know anyone who does as much as you do!”

I attribute this to Christ and the literal expanding of my abilities over the course of His mentoring of me through a steady flow of revelation.  We can’t get more hours in a day and so we can only improve upon the time we have.  Therein lies the power of being “Mentored by the Master.”  He knows our capacity and how to expand it, helping us to become a more useful instrument in His hands, if we are willing.


Test it out for yourself.  Ask him a question….


If you ask God a question, be prepared for the answer.  He will answer you… and when He does, be prepared to act!


God is the Ultimate Mentor


I have been a homeschool mom for a decade.  In these circles, there is always much chatter and discussion about seeking out “mentors” for yourself and for your children.  I made a diligent effort, once I started learning about mentors, to obtain the very best mentors for myself and for my children.  I would ask questions to find out who the best of the best mentors were.  I would pray about which mentors I should seek after.  I would carefully analyze which mentors I should get for each child.


Somewhere along that path of seeking out and obtaining mentors, being guided by them and being held accountable to them, I realized that God is the ultimate mentor and I should be using Him more actively, just as I would seek out and use a traditional mentor. I discovered I should even return and report and be held accountable to Him for obtaining guidance and assignments.
Prior to this seemingly obvious realization, I would begin a relationship with a new mentor and be so excited for a new journey of growth and exciting personal and intellectual development.  I would be exhilarated for them to “feed me”… “What do you have to give me? What assignment list will I have?  What book list will I get?  What tasks are you going to assign me?”  Then, when I applied that relationship to the Lord, the heavens just opened and He behaved like a mentor, and He gave me assignments and He answered my questions and He gave me lists of things to do and the more I asked, the more He would give.  That mentoring relationship continues to grow as I learn to obtain and obey the will of the Lord as He unfolds a path for me to follow that brings me greater joy than I could have obtained without divine mentoring.

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