Grit Girl Abby Shares – “One Year Sugar FREE” (So Worth It!!)

Grit Girl Abby Shares – “One Year Sugar FREE” (So Worth It!!)

Discipline, health benefits, grit, example, doing hard things… I asked Abby to share what she learned from her sugar free year!

She made her goal despite quite a few challenging times. I asked her to share her experience and here is what she had to say about why it was “so worth it!”

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  • My mom (Robin) told me about how your daughter did this. I’d been contemplating doing it for awhile and hearing her story was just the push I needed. I knew it would be easier if the whole family was on board, so my husband and I decided to offer a real big incentive to see if they would do it. They did! So now everyone but the 2 and 4 year old are on their second month of it. Tell your daughter thank you for the inspiration.
    Natalie Roberts

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Natalie!!! I told Abby about your comment and she was so thrilled to hear about your family and your encouragement! Keep up the awesome mamaness feeding your family healthy! AND… I LOVE YOUR MOM!

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