Hand in Hand with a Giant of a Man!

Hand in Hand with a Giant of a Man!

Brigham and I had our first date in February of the year 2000.  I would later learn that the night before our date, he had been out with a girl he’d been seeing for many months. But she had just sealed her fate and closed the door to any future relationship by making this well-intentioned, yet horribly stated, pronouncement of her affection to my future husband: “I like you soooo much … that I would marry you ‘EVEN THOUGH’ you are a piano technician!”  Ouch!

How mistaken, misguided, misled and misinformed this “Miss-foot-in-her-mouth” was.  I was of the opposite camp and was instantly intrigued, inspired and interested in discovering the world of a piano technician, even attempting to contribute where I was able.  I didn’t know where we were headed or if the bills would ever get paid, yet I did know that being a piano technician took artistic skill, passion, drive, discipline, vision, mastery, talent, initiative and dedication. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a man exhibiting those traits; matched with the confidence to be his own boss and to start his own business, he was a catch! Not to mention how the way he treated me felt like coming home for Christmas at each encounter.

Our first date was at a piano, and fittingly, our Friday night dates now are also gathered around a piano as we host our community for our weekly concert series at our piano store. We launched our concert series in 2011 with guest artist Josh Wright, a classical pianist who debuted at #1 on the classical billboard charts. It was a surreal moment, an unforgettable life milestone as he began to play that night to a packed venue of friends, family and strangers, all gathered around the piano to celebrate the beauty and soul-inspiring depth of rich music.

His first song was How Great Thou Art. As I swayed to the music in the back corner, rocking my baby, I thanked God: “Indeed, how great Thou art and how blessed we have been! Thank you, thank you for all of this!” I looked over the crowd and saw my other children in the front row absorbing the inspiration just feet in front of them. Then I closed my eyes and let the moment soak in. I basked in gratitude as the instrumental piano played and the words of that great hymn ran through my mind as a background to the mental slideshow of heaven-sent blessings running across the panorama of my mind, reviewing the journey of the past decade. These passing images were a quick review of the blessings of being married to a piano technician: our beautiful self-employed life, working together as a team to achieve the American dream and build something from scratch, our recently expanded business and new piano store, our children immersed in music, the satisfaction of promoting the arts in the community, involving our children in our piano charity to gift free pianos to struggling families, customers thanking my husband for making music come alive in their homes again, and the joy of raising our children in concert, gathered around pianos! This moment was a direct fulfillment of my patriarchal blessing received when I was 14.

“I bless you that a worthy young Elder will be guided to your side and win your heart through righteous interactions with you. He will take you to the temple where you and he will be sealed for time and all eternity. To your union The Lord will send His spirit children and you can have joy in a righteous posterity. I bless you, in concert with your companion, to teach correct principles to those precious souls who warm your heart and hearth that they may walk uprightly and soberly before The Lord and will love and serve each other.”

I remember leaving the patriarch’s home that day and telling my mom that that phrase stood out to me and it meant that my husband would be musical.  All of this, “even though” I married a “piano technician.”

My greatest friend and confidant is my beloved Brigham.  From the first day I met him he has been my greatest supporter and enthusiastic promoter.  Most of the experiences in this text have been known only to him prior to writing them here.  He provides me with motivation, purpose and drive to pursue a path that will lead both of us, as well as our children, to exaltation together.  This memoir is mostly about my personal spiritual journey, yet I am most interested and devoted to the spiritual path I am traveling with my husband. I believe salvation is granted to us as individuals, but my ultimate hope is exaltation, which is a couple’s reward.

I am grateful for Brigham’s unwavering devotion and support that has allowed me to accomplish many of the assignments I have received.  He is ever-faithful, insightful, encouraging and my cheerful enabler.  His listening ear, wise council and conversation have helped shaped me and brought clarity to my questions.  I am forever in love with him and grateful to be walking through this life and into eternity, hand in hand with such a giant of a man, my dear friend, Brigham.

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