How I Became A Mentor

How I Became A Mentor

I have experienced many promptings and revelations.  I keep a revelation record to record them and the impact has been profound.  I do my best to record quickly in a booklet what instructions and assignments, guidance and commands come to me in divine ways.  Then later I write in longer detail of my experience and the results of my action to try my best to comply with the revealed information.  In fact, my becoming a mentor and beginning this website is a result of doing just that.  I received multiple promptings, acted upon them and then recorded the outcome as I diligently tried to obey. Here is how it happened for me… as recorded in my revelation record on 2/26/14, acted upon a few days later, added upon a few days after that, and journaled on 3/6/14 during my silent reading & writing time after lunch.

In late February, there was a string of e-mails being sent through a classics book club I occasionally attend, started by a woman expressing concern.  She shared, “I am in a funk. What do you do to make your scripture study more meaningful? How do you read your scriptures? Any systems? What about prayers? Anything that makes your prayer time more sacred? What do you do to come closer to the Lord when you are in a funk and feel a total disconnect?”  After reading all of the responses and making a few short ones of my own, I received a specific prompting… “What she really needs is a mentor.”  “Well I hope she finds one.” I thought.  Then clarification, “You need to offer free mentoring to her.”  Oh boy… I had just re-committed to obeying revelation and recording it all in my revelation record and so I knew I had to obey and act.  I sent her an e-mail, offering mentoring, despite my lack of experience and she replied, “ I have actually been wanting a mentor, but don’t really have the money. So, you are offering the very desire of my heart!”

Wonderful!  I thought this would be lovely, to build a friendship and share a few things with her.  I started brainstorming ideas of how to structure mentoring and on my way to Family Leadership Academy, the following Monday, came the very clear and direct command, “Offer mentoring to the board.”  With that message came the understanding that hopefully, it would encourage them to mentor others as well.  That one was really hard to obey.  I had this flood of doubts and fears and “no way” feelings.  Oh man, I didn’t want to do that!  To verbally express to the entire board that I was offering myself as a mentor?  Forget it!  Fear of rejection.  Fear of them thinking I was something special, setting myself above or apart somehow from them.  I am no power mentor that everyone talks about, like Diann Jeppson or Angela Baker… I just didn’t want to do this.  I didn’t even have a mentoring plan or really know how to mentor.  I knew I had to obey though.  It was clear.

And so I obeyed… and during our board meeting I offered mentoring, secretly sweating and feeling sick inside.  Then I waited and stressed about what they were all thinking.  Did they think I was weird?  I hope they didn’t misread my intentions and think I was trying to be all “Mentor-y”.   That evening, two board members e-mailed me.

One e-mailed,  ”I have been secretly praying for the right opportunity to be mentored.”

Another e-mailed, “I find it inspiring that you mention one of your spiritual gifts being able to seek personal revelation. Oh how I envy and thirst for that very thing. I would be honored to have you as a mentor. You are a mom who inspires us all. (<—– truth!)”

Despite not hearing from the other 5.  I found joy in knowing that I had obeyed revelation twice and that 2 of the 3 women had said they were praying for a mentoring experience.  Wow… from 0-3 women to mentor in just a few days.  And I wasn’t even looking to mentor and I didn’t have a plan of what to do.

The next day I was off to the dentist.  While I was driving there and back, the visual image of another woman’s face kept coming into my mind.  I knew that I was seeing her lovely face because I should also offer mentoring to her.  Often the message of revelation is somehow understood when an image or word, phrase or statement comes into the mind.  Often I’ll have a few words come to mind and a massive understanding or directions attached to them that are just instantly understood.

I protested mentally, telling myself that I didn’t have time and mentoring 4 women when I never had intentions of mentoring any seemed like a pretty big leap.  Yet I knew it had to be acted upon and that the greater blessing was in obeying revelation.

I e-mailed her later that day and she responded, “Yes!  Please!  I have been praying for a mentor and for the things you are offering specifically!  I had thoughts of asking you but I don’t know how you do everything you do already!  Thank you for being so much in tune!  You truly are amazing. I am so excited for this.”

Wow!  That is pretty cool that she was praying for a mentor and the image of her face was coming to my mind to offer her mentoring.  Awesome.  It just works!  Revelation is real!

So, I got to work, trusting that if God prompted me to offer mentoring, he certainly wouldn’t leave me alone in the process.  I got up early the next morning, excited to pencil out a plan and the path was made clear.  I pulled out old notes from former mentors and added my own insights and thoughts that came.  I had embarked upon my next opportunity for the Lord to stretch me and I felt the growing pains.  And it was exciting!  I recorded the results in my revelation record and journaled about the experience two days later.

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  • I think this is wonderful! I recently just read your story about discovering the word of wisdom and I felt like I was rereading my story and promptings, only I have not gotten there yet like you have. I’m Still trying to accept the revelations that already came to me, answers that I already had and lately have been trying to act on them more. I love hearing about how others like you are gaining revelation. I’ve always wanted to be like Daniel in the bible when it comes to revelations, but still struggle with acting on those promptings I receive, so thank you for sharing your experience and word of wisdom story. I even had to print it out and put it in my journal to constantly re read because it spoke to me so much. Thank you for sharing. It is

    • I am so happy to hear that sharing my story was helpful to you. Keep at it! God is patience with us as we fail to live up to his invitations, but the greater blessings are there for us as soon as decide to step it up, apply the atonement and live according to the assignments he gives to us. Thanks so much for commenting and for visiting my blog.

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