How to Encourage Peace in Families

How to Encourage Peace in Families

Tomorrow is Global Peace Day!

Consider gathering your family together and discussing ways to promote peace in the world and at home.

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Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative


I love Mother Teresa’s example of being a peace promoter as shown by this quote:

This idea of focusing on the positive rather than the negative was first introduced to me using this quote back in 2009. I was preparing to begin promoting my platform as Mrs. Utah United States. My original idea was to have an anti-pornography campaign. A dear friend suggested to me (using the iconic Mother Teresa as a glorious example) that I consider promoting decency instead of fighting pornography. I liked that positive spin. And so I quickly pivoted and began a year as spokeswoman for a “Stand For Decency” campaign.

I love that Peace Day has a similar vision of uniting and promoting peace in every nation around the globe.

Consider engaging in a dinner conversation today and tomorrow

(International Peace Day 9-21-17)

and every day about how we can each seek to be a more peaceful soul.

On my recent speaking tour to India, we spent a great deal of time with the Brahma Kumaris, who greet each other with prayer hands and a bow, and with the words “Om Shanti.”  They greet and say goodbye with these beautiful words which translated mean,

“I am a peaceful soul.”

Sharing in their tradition, I spent a great deal of time bowing and saying, “Om Shanti—I am a peaceful soul.” This proved to be a beautiful reminder to myself to be a peace promoter in everything I do and say.

Peace is a great gift that we as mothers can give to our families. When peace begins with mother, the thermostat of the home is correctly set for success. (Good luck with that, mamas—we can do it!!!!)

Okay—one more thing…

That reminds me of a story that LaDawn Jacobs once told me of how she prayed and prayed for patience. She even went so far as to put up post-it notes all around her home reminding herself to use a calm voice, be patient, etc. And she did pretty well until

“that one moment”

HIT and she told our group of mothers that she raced around her home like a madwoman tearing down all of the post-it notes in a fit of frustration. Sooo… my takeaway from that glorious story is that even the most perfect of mamas (I count LaDawn Jacobs as one of the most saintly mothers I know) have their moments of imperfection (phew). So just keep trying with me and we’ll all get better and better together!

Just don’t give up, great mothers!

We can do this!

I’m shooting for more peaceful mother moments and more peaceful family moments—wish me luck! And HAPPY GLOBAL PEACE DAY (tomorrow).

PS—Thank you to every one of you who has sent in your nominations for the mother tribute interviews that are starting today. My assistant Diann Jeppson is going to begin booking those out, and I’m super excited to begin learning from great mothers and sharing with everyone what I learn. If you would like to nominate a mother to be honored in one of our short tribute interviews…

Do that HERE.

PSS—I met Logan Bailey, founder of “Fuse,” at One Million Cups Startup Networking meeting in Provo this morning.  I LOVED his product that is just launching a Kickstarter. I told him that I’d share it with my audience and add it to my list of FAVES! I love this because I NEED THIS! I am always dragging around my laptop with that MAC cord dangling awkwardly everywhere. So help an entrepreneur out and go give him a buck for chasing the American Dream and being an entrepreneurial creator. Best of luck to you, Logan! Hope it goes viral!


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