How to Make Positive Connections!

How to Make Positive Connections!

Live Connected!

Yesterday I was privileged to accompany my husband as he performed for the BYU Samuel Hall Society Goldbrickers Centennial Reunion. For those of you who appreciate Brigham’s musical moments as much as I do, here’s a glimpse of the evening.

The distinguished speaker at the alumni event was Steve Carlston, BYU/Samuel Hall Class of 1974. He titled his remarks for the evening, “Live Connected.” Since his years at BYU where he served as an officer for Samuel Hall Society and graduated with a B.A. in Broadcast Communications, Steve has led an exciting life and career with NBC.

I had many takeaways from his stories and inspiration about how powerful it is to “Live Connected” and to connect everywhere you go. He used the familiar analogy of the redwoods and their exceptionally interconnected root system that gives them strength in high winds and storms. Their root systems are shallow, but because they are interconnected, they have epic strength! Some of the roots are over 3 miles long, intertwining with different trees in all directions as they continue to stretch out and grow, supporting and strengthening in all directions.

This is my hope and vision for Momni, to link the mothers of the world with a deep root system so that we may reach out to and help one another, specifically with idea and resource sharing in the raising of our children. Connection is one of our core values.

Momni Core Value:


“We Link Mothers”

Linking mothers to ensure strength!

We believe that mothers need mothers and that connections make us happier and stronger. We link into a strong chain of support through global caresharing technology and Momni circles.

The greatest example of this in my life is the wise and compassionate Dr. Paula Fellingham. I was on a personal coaching call with her followed by a group coaching call this morning. She is graciously helping me to take Momni global with her 30+ years of experience globetrotting to connect women.

On the call, a fellow connector, Dr. Ariel King, who is the founder and director of The Ariel Foundation International, introduced the group to a new connection she had just made in her morning rounds at the UN. She introduced us to a man from Burundi, Africa, who is at the UN as his country is experiencing a civil war.

I recognized similarities from a book I had read long ago by the courageous author, Immaculée Ilibagiza, who wrote Left to Tell, her story of survival, being hidden in a small bathroom for months with 5 other women as their families were slaughtered in the civil war in Rwanda. (I highly recommend this book—her spiritual experiences should be shared again and again!)

My new connection, this man from Burundi, is experiencing similar challenges between the native populations. The Tutsi are the second largest population division among the three largest groups in Rwanda and Burundi, the other two being the Hutu (largest) and the Twa (smallest).

Paula concluded the short introduction to our new friend in Burundi by asking him two questions:

  1. Share with us what his greatest challenge is right now.

  2. How can we help him?

They set up an additional call for further discussion. That is one of the great lessons I have learned from Paula. As we connected with young and old, dignitaries and beggars in India, she always asked them those two questions and sincerely tried to find ways to help them.  

She is a great connector.

The BYU speaker last night was so well spoken about his love for all humanity and the importance of connecting with EVERYONE, regardless of race, Tutsi or Hutu, education, location, religion or any of the many things that seem to cause divisions among us. He encouraged us to reach out our hand everywhere we go and to break down barriers of difference by saying, “I’m ______.” With that outstretched hand and sharing our name, we invite connection. He had story after story of what had transpired throughout his life as he “Lived Connected”—reaching out his hand to connect with EVERYONE—no matter what.  

I want to be more like him.

So consider reaching out your hand and saying, “I’m ______” to someone today that you might have formerly shied away from, and “Live Connected.” Or maybe it’s extra kisses for the child in your home who is behaving like a porcupine. Love ’em up! Off to connect…

-Mama Karmel

PS—The very BEST of all connections are within the walls of our own home with those critical relationships that are the very most meaningful to us. Remember to connect with LOTS of kisses! And hugs! And TIME! And words and service and whatever brings your loved ones close together. Here’s today’s video message where Joshie, my seven year old, helps me to share the story of him connecting with me by waking me up with 24+ kisses all over my face.  

I love being a mother!

PPS—Here are a few of the mother to mother connections coming to me over the weekend and today in response to announcing Momni last Friday…

“Karmel is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met during the decades that I’ve served women worldwide as a global mentor. For sure, she is the most pro-active woman I’ve ever had the joy of working with! Karmel is an amazing mother, friend, author, speaker, CEO, and more. I honor her for answering her ‘call’ to create Momni. It is a project and service that will bless millions of mothers worldwide. I am honored to know and love Karmel Larson.” -Dr. Paula Fellingham,

“Interested in learning more and helping with start up in Davis County UT.” -Wendy Roberts

“This is incredible, Karmel. I am so excited to see this grow. I recently read a book about women and the way they’re “wired.” I was intrigued by the idea that women do not necessarily have the fight or flight instinct. This was a new idea to me and it spoke volumes! I feel like it relates to Momni. The writer suggests that women will not take flight because of their little ones. It is nearly impossible to do. So they strengthen their bonds with other women so they can protect the children together if they must stay behind. This is what you are doing! You are helping women build community. It is deeply touching and is empowering. Women need women. What a wonder this will be for them and what a blessing it will be for the children.” -Cynthia Giles Budge

“Way to see a need, fill a need and change generations!” – Elizabeth Little

“This is awesome and you are definitely the person to make this happen!!” – Robin Olsen

“Just wanted to make sure I’m still on your list. Super excited about this!” – Vanessa Hunsaker

PPPS—We can’t always help in big ways or make big connections. Often it’s the little connections and the little helping that is the greatest! I love this post from Alexandra Frandsen that drives that truth home. She is a beautiful writer and nurturing soul! “You Might Be the Only One”

PPPPS—I’m looking for a new connection… I need an executive assistant! Send amazing talent my way!

PPPPPS—Here are some wonderful women that I met in India who made my strength as a mother a bit stronger. Root connections right here: The Mothers of India I Met!

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