If you are ready to “Receive and Act”, this may interest you… FREE Mentoring on “Revelation & Leadership.

If you are ready to “Receive and Act”, this may interest you… FREE Mentoring on “Revelation & Leadership.

With 86,000 views in less than a week, I have not only received an abundance of inquiries of those who want to help with the abortion – adoption discussion

Click HERE to RSVP and attend a meeting on November 10th at 5pm to “Link” together those who want to help, learn more and hear more about what is happening as a result of our original post (read the original post, “We will adopt your baby”, HERE)

but I have also been inundated with those who are interesed in the FREE mentoring that I have offered.  

Learn more about FREE mentoring HERE.

To accommodate the interest, I’ve decided to adjust the mentoring from an individual experience to a group one.  So with each new group of at least 10 women interested in learning about “Being Mentored by the Master(God)”, I will launch a new group.

The groups will receive weekly content, assignments and resources.  We’ll meet using ZOOM video conferencing once a week as a group of 10+ to return and report and to receive more information. Each participant will also be invited to write a weekly “return and report” to me privately or to the group.

The mentoring experience goes through a manuscript I have written about my experiences being “Mentored by the Master”.  Along with reading several chapters a week from this text, those engaged with mentoring will also be invited to develop 13 spiritual habits, do 13 spiritual experiments and will be invited to participate in various assignments.  There will be writing involved and invitations to partake of certain media assignments including documentaries, Ted talks, conference talks and other items that pertain to the weekly focus.

The overall vision and purpose of the mentoring experience is to help women (abd men – some groups are couples) increase their ability to receive personal revelation and develop leadership skills and confidence with the end goal of inviting them to then duplicate the experience and offer themselves as mentors to others.  It is important for individuals to increase their connection to God and to magnify their influence for good in a sin-sick world.   

I’ve been troubled about the idea of offering FREE mentoring as it has been my experience that there is an unfortunate tendency for things that are FREE to be devalued.  Yet I also don’t want cost to be a barrier to anyone to participate. So… I’m going to request, that we exchange goods for the mentoring experience.  I am going to invite those whom I mentor to become mama bloggers for MamaKarmel.com.  As this will be a 13 week intensive mentoring experience, I’m going to invite participants to write 13 blog posts to begin spreading their influence and sharing their stories and hearts.  They will blog as Mama Annie, Mama Erin, Mama Abigail, etc.  (or papa)  If blogging doesn’t feel right to you, there are other options to “pay it forward” or exchange ideas or goods for mentoring.

So, if you feel like this speaks to you, and you are ready to embark on a spiritually stretching journey to develop personal revelation and leadership skills to speak out and be a light in a dark world, then keep reading and e-mail me your “Why Statement” explained below.  Following is the introductory e-mail that I share with all those beginning their mentoring experience.

Introductory  E-mail:

So here’s the deal with mentoring… you can pause or stop at anytime, you can go as slow or as fast as you’d like, you can even pick and choose between all that I send you.  I just have three rules you have to follow.

1) You must always have a question in mind that you are working on after our first meeting together.  We’ll meet weekly and you should always know what your question is that you are working on with God.

2) You must return and report once a week on the same day, within 24 hours of our video discussion, on how your efforts are going even if it’s a brief update.

3) If you are going to skip something, you just have to “pray a no” about it.  (You will learn about that concept soon…)

This will be an exciting journey together.  Revelation is for EVERYONE!  This will become a strength of yours!  It requires time, sacrifice and obedience.  I can provide some tools to help you connect with God… he’ll do the rest!  You will lift and inspire me and the group and teach us so much as we go along.  Mentoring is a uniquely positive boost on both sides, a learning circle, as God will mentor and elevate us all simultaneously.

Here we go…

(Through this process, feel free to adapt anything I have to offer to fit your circumstances and just let me know of the adjustments you are making.)

As we begin mentoring together, I hope to be a facilitator to help you receive direct mentoring from God.  Through that process, I hope that you will gain the confidence and guidance to offer yourself as a mentor in the future, to others, when you feel so prompted.  Some of my most sacred highs have come from being mentored AND from mentoring others.  Both are builders and create great spiritual synergy.

The mentoring I can offer is centered on revelation and developing a direct line of communication with God such that you can regularly be “Mentored by the Master”.  I believe this is one of my spiritual gifts.  Many of the things that I will share in our mentoring relationship are from a working manuscript I wrote for my children, a collection of my sacred experiences and how I obtained the revelations, called “Mentored by the Master”.

My goal in mentoring is for you to know and experience that you can obtain revelation about anything at any time and know that you are guided and supported by God, even “Mentored by the Master”.

So to begin… please consider your reasons for wanting to begin a mentoring relationship.  It could be short or long, an unedited free write or a well thought out list with explanations, etc.  There are no time deadlines for assignments, so the experience should be stress free (you still have to report weekly though, even if you didn’t get an assignment done or have made no progress).  I will respond and provide new content each week in our ZOOM video mentor discussion meetings.

Start brainstorming “why you want to engage in mentoring” and send me your response.  This serves two purposes…

1)    It helps me to know where you are at, why you want to mentor, what you are hoping to get out of the experience, etc.  Here are some “ideas” to consider…

  • What do you hope to get out of this mentoring experience?
  • What would you like to see improved with yourself, your marriage, your kids, your home, your education, kids’ education, etc?
  • When was the last time, if ever, that you felt you received revelation?  How often would you say you receive revelation?
  • Where are you at and where do you want to be?
  • What is on your heart that you want to share or change?
  • How would you describe your relationship with God?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What are some of your dreams you hope to experience or achieve?
  • How is it going for you right now?
  • What do you need?

You don’t have to answer every question… these are idea starters.

2) It also will serve as a reminder to you of why you are participating in this experience on days when it might seem too difficult or timely.  This will be a stretching experience and along with growth comes growing pains.  In those moments of lengthening your stride, if you encounter doubts, fears, struggles, tiredness… I’m hoping you’ll return to this original brainstorm and be reminded of “WHY” you are doing this and that it is worth it!

Also, start a mentoring binder with the following sections that will coincide with the 13 weeks of mentoring content and discussion:

  • Introductions
  • Foundation
  • Mastermind (Consecration/Obedience)
  • Symbolism
  • Faith
  • Virtue
  • Knowledge
  • Temperance
  • Patience & Godliness
  • Brotherly Kindness & Charity
  • Salvation & Exaltation
  • Windows of Heaven
  • My Part
  • Misc. & Notes

You can get dividers and label them accordingly.  We’ll be filling them in as we go with content from mentoring e-mails.  I’d recommend printing everything and reading it on paper so you can take notes as you read because I guarantee you that ideas and thoughts will come to your mind and you’ll want to write them down and act upon them.  I recommend printing this e-mail and putting it into the “mentoring” section, take notes on it and print/save all e-mails in the same way.  At the end of our mentoring together, you’ll enjoy reviewing the entire experience and likely be inspired to share portions with those you will mentor in the future, year after year.

The questions you’ll be journaling will be kept in the very front, before the mentoring tab, starting with your “why” in the very front of the binder.  The journaling process is an important process of “ask & receive”.  You can use the questions I provide or choose your own if you have specific revelation you are seeking, or both.

Return & Report:

You will report back to me and the group via ZOOM Video Group Mentoring on how things are going.  You can attach or copy/paste any writing or journaling that you want to share to our secret FB group that is exclusive to those in your mentoring circle. In this group is where you will share and post questions, updates, writing, etc. It is ok if you weren’t able to get to the mentoring items that week and need more time, just report that in your accountability report.  It is not ok, to not report in as that shows a lack of commitment.  The process should be stress free and so you may feel free to take as much or as little time to fulfill assignments as necessary.  

Further content will be provided each week.  If you want to skip, alter or substitute your own ideas or revelations for items I have provided that is fantastic.  We can both change and customize the content as necessary to meet your specific needs.

Finally… I appreciate your feedback as I am standing upon the shoulders (and content) of my former mentors and their examples.  I would love for you to be honest and open, sharing with me what works for you and what doesn’t.  I will try and provide everything I can think of in my arsenal of experience to help build and uplift you through this relationship and hopefully there will be a few gems that are truly transformative.

Ready-set-launch!  (Go makes me think of straight ahead, launch makes me think of straight up… that is where we are headed together in this journey—straight up to connect with God!)

E-mail your “WHY statement” to karmel.larson@gmail.com if you’d like to begin mentoring.

Cheering for you!

-Mama Karmel

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