In Response to My Critics Who Say…

In Response to My Critics Who Say…

I anticipated that a part of this process would be to receive criticism… and so it has begun.  That is normal and I am well acquainted with critics.  Don’t be afraid of criticism friends, the more you draw out of the crowds, means that your audience and influence is growing.  Last night I attended a meet and greet with Stephanie Nielsen.  When she asked for questions from the audience, the first one was, “How do you handle your critics and deal with the criticism?”  Seriously folks?  Who could criticize Stephanie…  She responded beautifully and reminded the crowd that for every negative response she received, there were over 1,000 positive supporters of her message. I have experienced a similar phenomenon.  The vast majority of the feedback we have received from the 50,000+ views in 3 days, to our story offering to adopt a baby from a mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, has been so supportive and encouraging.  Nonetheless, there are a few, who would criticize and tear down.  To them, I respond with love and further insight to ask them to reconsider their accusations which are,

You are just emotional and baby hungry!

Well yes, I seven kid selfieam a mother filled with powerful emotion and I use that innate gift to love very deeply.  I saw a quote on the screen, placed over a photo of a mother surrounded by a LOT of children, at the World Congress of Families that also defines me, it said,

If you think it looks like my hands are full… you should see my heart.

Emotions are God’s gift to women to be powerful nurturers.  They do not define my decision making process however.  I am guided by personal revelation and am confidant in my ability to decipher my own will from that of the will of the Lord.

In this instance, my husband and I told the Lord that “our will” was to be DONE adding children.  When he presented the command to me to offer adoption, I cried, not out of joy but out of selfishness.  I cried (wailed really) for about ten minutes in fear and selfishness of what this would mean for “me” and what would be required of “me”, because I realized that offering to help “anyone” in “any situation” may include welcoming into my life a severely disabled baby who became unwanted by the parent as a result of ultrasound findings.  This baby may never leave my home at 18.  This is what I’m offering folks… This is not “baby hungry”.  If I wanted another baby… I would just have another one of my own.  I’m more fertile than Eve, herself!!

Actually, let me say this… YES I am baby hungry.  I am hungry for babies to stop being aborted.  I am hungry to help babies who need someone willing to bridge the gap between a wonderful and loving birth mother, who finds herself in crisis, willing to endure a difficult pregnancy, birth and the ongoing grieving process at passing on that child to another mother, willing to raise that baby, both mothers selflessly acting in the overall best interest of the infant.  I am emotional and hungry for that!!

I wasn’t last Saturday though…. last Saturday, I had other things I was thinking about and I never gave much of a single thought to adoption, abortion, crisis pregnancies and such. Then the Lord spoke to me, literally, and commanded that I act.  That moment of commanding me to offer my heart, life, home, resources to save the life of another human being, has transformed me into a new person.  I have become an advocate of the unborn because in that moment, I felt God’s love for them.  Fortunately, I overcame my ten minutes of fear, crying, trembling and selfishness and was then willing to act.

Within hours… I put out this plea,

We Will Adopt Your Baby

Since ACTING upon that experience, we have received 50,000 views in less than three short days and I have been overwhelmed with e-mails and FB messages of other who want to help, have questions

To see a list of questions we have been asked and their answers, click HERE.

and otherwise want to reach out to further discuss this important cause to love and help loving mothers with unplanned pregnancies to find loving mothers and homes for their babies.

So I am hosting an event to “Link” all of these great people together.  This event will be on November 10th at 5pm in Orem, UT.  I already had an event planned that I’m adding an extra hour to, to accommodate the need to gather of all those who are reaching to me.

So yes, to my critics, this has BECOME a very emotional issue for me. And YES – I am baby hungry for those souls that may otherwise be aborted if more of us mama bears don’t step forward to offer our assistance not only to the birth mamas who need our love and support but to assist in the cause of educating about abortion and fighting to change policy that makes it possible that our nation is aborting over 1,000,000 babies a year.

Let’s roar my fellow mama bears and with our hearts filled with love, let distressed birth moms know that if they will be brave enough and love enough to take the shift for the first nine months that we will take the next shift from birth to eternity.

Join me on November 10th at 5pm to “Link Daughters of God” together in our cause for Christ and I will share part two of what God called me to do, when I went to the temple to obtain a second confirmation from Him that indeed, the revelation to act was truly from Him and His will.  He not only confirmed this fact, but added upon me a vision larger than myself to reach out to others with love and help.  I will share that vision on November 10th at 5pm.  Calling all mama bears to join me….

Please RSVP to attend.

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9 thoughts on “In Response to My Critics Who Say…”

  • I have no criticism of wanting to adopt; I am a single, adoptive mother. I just wonder why if you are so willing to adopt (which is great) and claim to be willing to adopt a minority baby with disabilities, you don’t simply contact some adoption agencies or look into adopting a baby with disabilities who is in foster care. I was willing to adopt a minority child with disabilities, so 1 week after making my decision, I had my child on track for adoption. It took one phone call…one, and 1 week later I was committed to a beautiful girl with severe disabilities and a minority heritage…and I was single and 30 years old (showing it is not a difficult process with major requirements)! There are millions of minority and disabled children in the world waiting for adoption…it doesn’t take placing an ad and waiting. I know…I left behind 50 others at my daughter’s orphanage. And my friend’s mother has adopted 17 children…including four African American babies from American, because the social worker could not find anyone else in the state willing to adopt them (and they were healthy!). I’m not trying to be critical, just let you and others know that if you really want to make a difference and are truly willing to adopt a minority child or a child with disabilities, there are plenty out there right now! If you are only willing to adopt one whose birth mother you know, who is a newborn baby, or who is white and healthy, then you need to place an ad. Otherwise, there is nothing stopping you!

    • Wow! I am new to the world of this discussion as of Sunday, so to be honest… I don’t know how to act upon the command I feel I received. My post was an attempt to reach out and find out. So I am grateful that you would share your information. I’m learning a lot. I am today at the adoption conference in SLC trying to learn more how to proceed. I am having a meeting on November 10th at 5pm in Orem if you’d be willing to come and share with me and others who are gathering to discuss options for those interested in this discussion. It sounds like you would have a lot to share. Here is the link to RSVP: Thanks so much for commenting and visiting my blog.

    • It sounded to me like a desire to prevent an abortion and not necessarily just seeking adoption. If that is where the passion and prompting lies, to help a woman who has just found herself in a difficult predicament, then there is great need for that and it’s also a noble path (as are many others). There is no reason to feel badly if your direction is different from someone else’s. I am in awe of your great mission Sarah Lynn! What a gift you have given!

  • I have never left a comment on these before. I felt like I needed to share my experience with you. I too cried (wailed) when we felt that spirit speak to us that we needed to adopt. We too were happily “complete” with our family. Shortly after, we came in contact with our birthmom (I consider her family now). She came to live with us when we discovered that the baby she was carrying had a very complicated heart defect. She spent most of her 6 months and 2 weeks of life at Primary Children’s Hospital undergoing 4 open heart surgeries. It has been very difficult, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. That same spirit which confirmed she is our daughter, also saw us through this journey. We legalized her adoption after she passed away, and had her sealed to our eternal family. She taught more people of prayer, faith, love and the atonement in her short life than I have in all my years. When the spirit speaks to your heart in regards to adoption, hold on tight! You are in for a beautiful and wonderful ride!

  • What is your faith? If I may ask. Wondering because when I saw this on Facebook, there was a link to Wikipedia’s definition of Quiverfull. Was curious as to why that would come up and so assumed that was your faith.

    • Hi Lynn! On the right there is a blurb with her picture that says “Karmel Larson is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, community leader, blogger and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” We are also called Mormons. Come and visit or

  • I have been feeling lately like I would like to do more. I have a strong testimony and have am against abortion. If you can think of a way that I can be involved, teach, mentor in regards to the Church, abortion or anything of worth I am able and willing.

  • Wow! I love your response…yes, there will always be critics, no matter what path you choose anyway… but with God we’re always majority and always right. You’re a beautiful and valiant soul, Karmel. I am so glad I am getting to know you after missing you in the mission field. You’re insipiring!

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