Keeping a Daily “Revelation Record”

Keeping a Daily “Revelation Record”

If you are reading this… then how exciting for you as you must share similar goals as mine and you are interested in embarking (or continuing) on a divine mentoring adventure that will stretch you like never before – and equally expand your spiritual horizons. I hope these ideas will be a tool to help you REFINE your revelatory relationship with God.  I feel like this is the greatest GIFT I could ever offer to any friend and I am literally praying over these words each time I write, hoping for divine CONNECTION to be showered upon each reader who finds these posts.

To get started with receiving greater and more frequent revelation, I recommend that you obtain two booklets.  One is for recording dated revelations.  The other is for posing specific questions.  This is a “Revelation Record,” or re-name it something that suits your style.  The purpose of this little journal (or note/folder on your personal device) is for you to be very intentional about your effort  to acquire the gift of revelation.  I invite you to make a record on these pages EVERY time you think you have received revelation.  Place one revelation at the top of each page with a date and any details you’d like to remember (to possibly journal later).  Then ACT on those revealed messages.  TRUST that God is indeed speaking to you through the power and gift of the Holy Ghost.  The more you demonstrate FAITH and OBEDIENCE, the more messages will be sent to you.

As you CONSECRATE your time and mind to the LORD, you will find an increase in COMMUNICATION equivalent to your SACRIFICE and EFFORT to draw near unto Him.  Then, RETURN to the pages often and RECORD the outcomes of your acting on the messages you received.  As you begin opening yourself up to the spirit in a more devoted and vulnerable way, you may find that you don’t hit 100% and some things may turn out to be revealed and others just a “good idea.”  Revelation is like any other skill – it must be honed, refined, critiqued and mastered.

Pray before you begin recording in this record.  Be very specific and intentional, telling the Lord that you are opening yourself to His love, light and learning.  Commit to Him that you will obey His assignments that come (because they will).  Then try your very hardest to do just that.  It will be impossible to obey fully forever, so know that imperfection will follow your perfect desire, and be prepared to become ever more acquainted with the Atonement as you try and try again.

Become familiar with the three voices in your mind to know the voice of the Spirit, revealing to you messages and assignments, even answers to your most intimate questions.  

John Pontius, in his book, “Following the Light of Christ into His Presence,” divides the voices we hear in our mind into three categories. 

Mine – these are our own thoughts.  They are often conversational, uncertain, or in response to a long internal conversation.

For example:  I think maybe it’s a good idea to go help Judy, but maybe first I should do the laundry, go shopping and then I will think about if I have time before my meeting tonight, because I really should get over there and help her since she is having health problems.

It would still be great to help Judy, but this probably wasn’t a direct prompting from the Spirit.

Thine – these are the whisperings of the Spirit.  This voice is usually direct and non-conversational.  It can often be a random word or statement when we weren’t even thinking of the topic.  It is always positive and encouraging and instructing to do good.  

For example: Go help your neighbor Judy.

Direct, positive, command or invitation, clearly instructional.

Swine – these are the negative voices.  They prompt us to think, say, or do evil things.  Satan is real and he can enter our mind the same as the Spirit can. We have to learn to quickly identify his voice and cast it out.

For example:  Judy is just lazy.  Her health problems are an excuse to get free help from the ward.

It takes a lot of practice to identify correctly and distinguish these voices from one another.  Writing them down and identifying if your labels for them were correct is a great place to begin.

Record the Voices in Your Mind

We know of the powerful experiences of Joan of Arc being directed by the voice in her mind because the information was recorded at her trial.  We have the record of divine guidance of Joseph Smith and George Washington because they were recorded by these great men.  We have all of the inspired scriptures because righteous men throughout the ages obeyed the call to record the inspired messages they were given or experienced.

Commit to record the messages that come to you and the results of your acting upon them. This record of revelation and journaling of your journey will be the greatest legacy of love and testimony you could possibly leave to your posterity.

Always update your revelation record each morning. Enter any new revelation you have received, then return and report by reviewing your previous notes and recording your results from acting on them. Was your thought mine, Thine or swine? Which of the three voices was in your mind?  Review the record and receive the refining. Since each new revelation is recorded on its own page, there is space to write your specific experiences, thoughts and further revelation in the space below. I suggest dating each update.

It is so essential to begin identifying the voices in your mind and the impressions you receive.  This was one of the greatest spiritual breakthroughs of my lifetime. When I began to record everything I “thought” was from the Spirit, I then had a clear record that I could go back to and record the results of the impression or experience. I could begin to identify when I was right and when I was wrong and then refine my ability to make fewer mistakes in identifying the voice of the Spirit. I also used this revelation record to remember certain impressions and to perform a double test on them if I wasn’t certain. Sometimes I would receive a second witness and other times I wouldn’t, telling me that I was probably the source of that idea, not the Spirit.  I want to be very careful in receiving revelation that I am not “creating” revelation. I think it is important to obtain a second witness when in doubt.  Be careful to avoid the temptation to create your own assignments, even unintentionally, and label them divine.  I don’t want to be like the Pharisees, creating specific rules, guidelines and assignments to help myself feel diligent and obedient if they are not truly divine.  We cannot make up assignments to fulfill a self-righteous desire.

Here is an example of one such instance where I was careful to confirm and the confirmation never came, so I discarded the thought that I had mistaken for an impression.

When in Doubt, Obtain a 2nd Confirmation!

I was getting ready for the day in my bathroom one morning when I felt like I had an impression come to my mind.  It was: “Eat nothing unless it is blessed.”  It seemed like it fit into the “Thine” category and that it could have been an impression.  I began acting upon it that day and recorded it in my revelation record.  A few days later though, I was beginning to wonder if that “impression” was really “mine” or “Thine.”  So I took it to the Lord and requested confirmation.  I expressed my concern about making up revelation and wanting to be sure I was on the right track.  I never did receive any confirmation about that phrase, which I now label a “thought,” and so I quickly discarded it from my list of revelations.  I still certainly pray over my food but not to the extent of exactness I felt that “thought” was suggesting.

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  • Just read this to GPA…..we had a good discussion! Told him he should record in his Journal some of the Revelation he discussed that has come to him. What a great blog post, Karmie!

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