Lack of Light – By Contributor Mama Angie

It’s January 5, 2016 today.  Every year I think that the shorter days and the cloudy skies won’t affect me, and almost every year I have been wrong.  The last few weeks I’ve been feeling a lack of light in my life.  Sometimes feeling a lack of light is for me from a lack of actual sunlight.  The lack of sunlight starts me down a path where I don’t feel like doing anything, which causes me to miss taking the other light-giving things into my body and soul. I said this morning that it feels like I fell off my boat and am being dragged behind it, unable to successfully swim fast enough to reach the side and climb back in so that I can take charge of my life.

Yes, I’ve fallen, but I am not giving up.  I’m going to once again get on my knees and ask for some extra light to come into my body and spirit so that I can know what I need to do to get back on the boat.  I’m going to put on my jogging shoes and climb on the treadmill to get my body moving and the light flowing through me.  I’m going to open my scriptures and feed my spirit the spiritual light it is craving.  I’m going to feed my body things that are alive and that grew in the light of the sun.  I’m going fill my home with light, happy music.  I’m going to find things to be grateful for and vocally thank my Heavenly Father and others.  That’s my plan- and I’m already starting to feel better!

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  1. Renae Pelo

    Angie, those things are all part of my plan to bring in more light in these winter days. It is a new struggle each winter. I feel so well in the summer and even into the beautiful late fall this year that I thought this winter would be different. Mother nature had different ideas. Oh well, I am experienced and there are things to do to keep me afloat and even smiling most of the time. Good luck.

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