Launching Momni Today – With Courage, Tenacity, Grit!

Launching Momni Today – With Courage, Tenacity, Grit!

I’ve been doing something hard… since March of 2017, I’ve been working to launch a tech startup—Momni, the caresharing technology to link mothers together as a sharing economy solution to the global childcare crisis.

I’m driven by pure passion and purpose to help mothers who are struggling with real challenges in motherhood, specifically childcare. This past week, I told a single mother of two about the vision and mission of Momni and she cried. Big, painful, tired, grateful tears flowed from her as she gave me a huge hug and begged to be a founding beta tester.

There are millions just like her who have real, daily struggles with the emotional and physical demands of motherhood. Some have family around and resources to help, but there are TOO MANY who don’t have sufficient help. It’s been a long road to get to our beta launch, but we have arrived TODAY!!! Here’s our animated intro video that shares the vision and mission of Momni and… “What exactly IS caresharing???”

One of our 10 Momni values is COURAGE!

Encouraging mothers to raise strong families—We recognize that motherhood requires steady courage and endurance. We applaud the constancy of tenacity in mothers and seek to encourage this heroic nature of mothers required for raising a strong family.

Moving Momni forward from an idea, to the research and validation phase, through team building, prototype development and now BETA has taken A LOT OF COURAGE! Motherhood every day takes a lot of courage. Life takes a lot of courage…. I know that you are dealing with hard things too and that every day is a mind game to be strong. I’ve had to do a lot of self talk and mental reminders to remind myself of my “WHY” and to be very clear about the sacrifices I’m making daily to bring forth something of value. Here are some of my favorite reminders…

I don’t fear failure. I fear succeeding at something that doesn’t matter. -Dan Erickson

Leadership is not so much about directing others as it is about being directed by God. -Dieter Uchtdorf

Our mothering matters!

And our leadership in our homes as mothers succeeds best when we are directed by God!

I love these reminders in all areas of my life!

So… mama friends, as I put out this beta prototype technology to continue our research and refinement of our #caresharing technology, I’m inviting you to be a courageous early adopter and join me in moving forward the Momni movement. Please go to, log in, create a profile and invite your other mama friends to join us. You’ll acquire lots of caresharing referral credits, they’ll thank you, and we’ll all WIN together!

Mamas win when we LINK TOGETHER!

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Share Momni – Invite Friends to Earn up to $30 per Friend!

I would love to hear your feedback! Send me a message…


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