We want to be ladies in very deed, not according to the term of the word as the world judges, but fit companions of the Gods and Holy Ones. In an organized capacity we can assist each other in not only doing good but in refining ourselves, and whether few or many come forward and help to prosecute this great work, they will be those that will fill honorable positions in the Kingdom of God. -Eliza R. Snow


I am offering FREE mentoring to those who have a similar desire to be “fit companions of the Gods and Holy Ones”. As we engage together in an “organized capacity, we can assist each other in not only doing good but in refining ourselves.”  Our task is to assist one another in seeking God as our mentor and acting upon His council. If you have a desire to ask God questions, obtain the answers and act upon the response, please contact me.

The mentoring I share is based upon a book I wrote for my children, “Mentored by the Master, A Mother’s Memoir of Sacred Experiences”.

I candidly share my journey of asking God questions and receiving answers.  He has guided my life in a real and specific way.  Free mentoring provides an opportunity for sharing those experiences with like-minded believers to help them to become “Mentored by the Master” as well.


Here’s the introduction to that book.

“Mentored by the Master” by Karmel Larson

Over the course of the past decade I have discovered a powerful pattern in my life.  I ask God questions and he gives me answers.  If I obey those answers which are often in the form of assignments, then he will give me more.  Line upon line, precept upon precept, assignment after assignment he has led me down an exciting path of self discovery, self improvement and understanding of the trajectory I am to pursue to solidify my course back into his presence.  He has become my personal mentor.  I have literally been mentored by my master, my god and king, my heavenly father.  He has poured out his promptings, directives, assignments, corrections, reprimands and blessings.  The more quickly I obey and comply, the more abundantly the flow of revelation and mysteries of the kingdom attached to assignments and requests for greater discipleship, obedience, sacrifice and proving myself willing to give all to know him, to follow him and to be worthy of his presence.

In the course of receiving these various assignments I have and continue to waiver greatly in my ability to maintain the highest level of discipleship and obedience to the elevated sphere of existence that he has shown me to be the goal.  Though my desire remains steady and consistent, my follow through ebbs and flows over the course of time and I have often disappointed myself with my lack of ability to remain at a peak of discipleship and compliance with his commands for my obedience.  When I have given into my addictions and longing for the vices and comforts of the natural man, his promised blessings withdraw, his spirit recedes and I am left on my own until I can again make the required sacrifices and show forth my desire to follow him and obey at all costs.

Even these times of struggle have been instructive and have been a necessary part of the process to understand the path of discipleship.  His assignments cause me to rise to greater heights and demand more of myself than I would require of my own choosing.  In those moments of stretching to reach his request, I have often fallen short several times before finding the way to accomplish the task revealed and then to bask in the joy of the promised accompanying blessing.  His predictable mentoring pattern is always the same.  First ask, then receive; obey, then enjoy the promised blessings.  His blessings prove the sacrifice well worth the reward and I have been greatly rewarded.  I wish the same rewards and blessings for you!

My purpose in mentoring is to share my journey and to testify of the pattern of being mentored by the master.  To share these experiences and information through mentoring has been revealed to me to be one of my many assignments, despite my lack of experience or eloquence.  My hope is that I might share something of value in confirming to you that revelation is real.  You can ask God questions and he will answer your prayers.  He will show you what you should do, what you need to change, what you need to forsake, what you need to become in order to be worthy of exaltation.  To leave a legacy of faith through my experiences and discoveries that will help guide sincere seekers to know the pattern to follow to obtain a personal audience with the Lord is my goal.

In sharing these personal experiences, it is hard to avoid presenting myself as the spiritual hero of each occasion.  I trust that you will come to know my heart and trust the intent of my sharing of testimony as an invitation to you to similarly seek a divine connection, rather than any attempt at promoting self.

A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher, one who helps people to improve their lives, somebody who provides advice and support to people who wish to elevate their existence, helping them to make decisions, solve problems, and achieve goals.  This is the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father.  He is my all-knowing, trusted master, confidant, personal friend and omniscient educator.  I believe that his promises are sure and when he tells us to come unto him and be perfected in Him it is a literal request.  As we come to him, he will assist us in the process of perfection one task at a time, and when we have proven ourselves willing to consecrate all for him, not matter the cost, he will send the Second Comforter, his son Jesus Christ, to bring us into his presence as promised.  I invite you to similarly experiment with the process of mentoring with your maker and discover what he has to teach you.

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