Be the light and not just talk about the darkness! – Nick Vijicic

Be the light and not just talk about the darkness! – Nick Vijicic

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My notes from Nick’s magnificent and inspiring presentation… I’ll edit these in a bit:

He spoke without notes and he came to the conference for free….

Check out the video above to learn of his goal to reach 7 billion people with his message.  He takes his message to schools as well and tries to help discourage bullying and suicide.

More from Nick:

We are citizens of heaven passing through.  Heaven is real.  We are not meant to be here. When you understand the transformation that happens when you take on that new identity. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

When the world says you are not good enough, you get a second opinion.

People often say to me, “I’ve been asking God for my purpose and I don’t know what it is.” To them I say, “The greatest purpose is to know God.  Know him and develop kindness, passion and you’ll learn how to act upon some purpose he will show you.”

There are reasons why you take notes, you remember it multiple times over better.  Put up these notes on your mirror, bathroom remind yourself why you are here.

You can’t blame society for the influences in your home.  Don’t even try to pretend that they have greater influence than you do.  You set the rules.

Who you are in Jesus should first reflect in your family.  Keep praying first for your family.

I am the richest man in the world because my dad owns everything.  When I get to heaven, that dad is going to say to me… “Who did you bring with you?”

If you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s ok because God’s plan is better for you than yours is.

Jesus died for all because he loved the world.

If you want to know God, then you’ve got to open up this book, the bible.

Psalm 139.

What can change the world?  Change, people who are transformed in their minds and understanding. If the 117,000 churches would foster 2 children every year, we would never need foster homes.

Why do we have a billion people going hungry? With 400 million Christians we should have taken care of that already.

I am a servant, not to be served! Why can’t we find  400 million Christians to give $1/day?

Who are you? Are you here to serve?  Don’t go home and let that balloon fade into nothing.

Go home and do something.  Be that change.  Looking at people in their eyes.  It’s god’s love.  He has a plan for each and everyone of you.  You are an ambassador of the Lord of Lords, King of Kings and in that do something that others may know that God has more for them than they can see.

Will we be the light and not just talk about the darkness.

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