10 Core Values – The values I share and promote as the Founder of Momni.

Purpose We

empower mothers.

Empowering mothers to fulfill their discovered purpose.

We encourage mothers to discover and realize their profound purpose. We seek to motivate mothers to fulfill their innate desire for purposeful contribution at home and in the world.

Passion We

energize mothers.

Energizing mothers to dream & create

We believe in the passionate dreams of mothers everywhere to create, achieve, grow and experience life to its fullest. We share enthusiasm for living and dreaming. We desire to energize all efforts.

Hope We

inspire mothers.

Inspiring hope as an active pursuit

We see hope as an active pursuit in the ongoing process of individual improvement. We aim to inspire hope into the hearts and minds of mothers to encourage a strong growth mindset of endless possibilities to continually press on through life’s challenges.

Courage We

encourage mothers.

Encouraging mothers to raise strong families

We recognize motherhood requires steady courage and endurance.  We applaud the constancy of tenacity in mothers and seek to encourage this heroic nature of mothers required for raising a strong family.

Perseverance We

support mothers.

Celebrating the dedication of mothers

We acknowledge a mothers’ need for steadfastness during both easy and trying moments.  We celebrate and support mothers at all times in the journey whatever stage of joy or pain being experienced.

Knowledge We

educate mothers.

Educating for excellence in motherhood

We promote the role of education to improve the experience of motherhood, the outcomes of childhood and the advancement of society. We share skills and knowledge for success, joy and personal fulfillment.

Time We



Helping mothers find more time

We know that mothers need more time for discovery of their purpose and passion which enables them to be a better mom. We help mothers find time to rejuvenate and to seek improvement, to become their best self, for their family and the world.

Connection We



Linking mothers to ensure strength

We believe that mothers need mothers and that connections makes us happier and stronger. We link into a strong chain of support through global caresharing technology and Momni circles.

Joy We

celebrate mothers.

Celebrating the joy of motherhood

We affirm that the family is foundational to joyful and thriving societies. We gather to celebrate, honor and recognize their achievements, contributions and sacrifices of mothers, to make families and communities successful.

Charity We



Serving all mothers everywhere

We believe that the spirit of abundant generosity has the power to change the world. We serve globally by finding social solutions for improving their daily experience. Momni is about sharing my life to improve the life of another.