Pornography: Connecting the Dots Between Exploitation

Pornography: Connecting the Dots Between Exploitation

Notes from presentation by Dawn Hawkins, National Center on Sexual Exploitation, at the World Congress of Families IX 2015 SLC

Please watch this short documentary  It is essential viewing!!!

It is beyond an individuals or a family’s capacity to protect against pornography alone.

Pornography is a public health crisis.

It is coming at us from every angle.  We are encouraging all to start treating it as a public health crisis with more scholars and medical scholars.

Sex trafficking and sexual violence seem to be the buzzwords in the news and congress.  It is clearly a problem in our universities and in our military.  These things are not happening in a vacuum, they are all connected.

The Rape Myths

  • A man can’t rape his wife
  • Only bad women get raped
  • Rape is a crime of passion
  • If a guy spends a lot of money on a date the girl owes him something in return
  • Women secretly enoy being raped
  • If a person doesn’t fight back she/he was not really raped
  • Men can not be raped
  • When a woman says “no” she really means “yes”

A search for “Rape Porn” – 71,000+ hits!

Pornography is no longer just topless women.  Playboy is no longer going to have nudity in their magazine,  This is an indicator that people are not buying it and they need to change their model to stay viable.

“Guys urinating and defecating on women, women with animals, men torturing and raping women, I’ve seen it all and so have a lot of my friends. We started of right away with hardcore. It’s right there always in your face when you go to a lot of these online movei sites. ” Jason 14

College men’s exposure to pornography is nearly universal with growing viewing rates nationwide.  This fraternity was suspended for their signage welcoming freshman girls (and their mothers) to be dropped off for a “good time”.

5 minutes to get to soft porn, when typing in simple words like sex, boobs. Google goes straight to hard core options.

50 best selling adult films / a total of 3,376 acts of violence towards women.

94% of aggression in porn is against women.

The more hardcore porn is out there, the more prostitution , addiction, adultery, divorce, prostitituion, sex trafficking, child porn and child sexual abuse.

Pornography and Sex Trafficking – there is a direct link!

Pimps and traffickers often use porn to train their victims.

Sex buyers learn how to use women by looking at and masturbating to pornography.

Pimps are getting smarter now. They can make much more money online than they can on the street.  Much easier to remain anonymous.  Often the forced sexual acts will be recorded and then sold over and over again.


Essential for us to teach responsible digital citizenship in the home starting very young.

In helping women

1)Treat Trauma

2)Help Create Safety & Stability

3)Set Boundaries


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