Pro-Family Opinion Leaders Panel with Rod Arquette

Pro-Family Opinion Leaders Panel with Rod Arquette

I love the first story from this session about how a blogger influences leaders in Africa to ban 50 Shades of Gray! Influence… more powerful than position!

Rod Arquette Interviews with Pro-Family Opinion Leaders

Mark Regnerus – Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture

Stephen Phelan – Director of Mission Communications for Human Life International

Ignacio Arsuaga – (Spain), HazteOir and Citizen Go

Theresa Okafor – (Nigeria), Foundation for African Cultural Heritage

Miriam Grossman MD – Center for Medical Integrity in Intimacy Education

Dr. Jaroslaw Szymcsak – (Poland), Cardinal Stefan Wysznski University

Jenet Jacob Erickson – Affiliated scholar at the Wheatley Institution, Brigham Young University

Dr. Suja Koshy – (India), Associate Professor and Head of Department of Human Development at SVT College, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, India

Extemporaneous Interviews with Pro-Family Opinion Leaders at the World Congress of Families IX SLC 2015

My notes:

From Dr. Grossman: Never think that what you are blogging about and writing and talking about doesn’t matter.  I wrote a blog post about 50 Shades of Gray, which came out around Valentine’s Day, encouraging people not to see it because it is about abuse, sickness and mental pathology.  I blogged about it, sent it out and forgot about it, later to find out that my blog reached people in Nigeria and because of it the movie was not shown in the county.  WOW!  Nigeria.  You may be out there thinking that this won’t matter, but YES it can reverberate around the world.

What can we do to encourage the individual to work within their own families.  Our first responsibility is to be good husbands and wives and parents, then we can reach out to others.  We need to talk to our friends, colleagues and family members, through social media to reach out so that our message in favor of family, marriage and life is getting out there.  There will be people who will attack you and so we must be brave and courageous in the public view.  Use facebook, twitter, sign online petitions, share with others. As we start doing these things we realize that we are not alone.  Right now we are losing but we are soldiers so let’s keep fighting.

In Africa, we see the family as divine.  We saw the perversity of the movie and it was banned in Africa.  We are trying to make sense of the messages coming from the west.

How to live in a world where marriage is in decline -recent headline:

Is it your opinion marriage in decline and how should public policy address the issue?

In India, all are still interested in getting married but the wave of globalization is coming and the age of getting married is getting higher.  Divorce is on the rise as well.

Public Policy:  Policy is really power in shaping our public mind.  A one year waiting period for divorce has been shown to help keep marriages together in cases where there is no abuse.

As people get married and focus on the children, they tend to forget about caring for each other.  No time for dating, romantic dinners because we are responsible parents.  The safety of the children comes from the parents unity.  Children can see how father respects the wife and how mother takes care of dad.  They enjoy being together, this is the most important thing that children can see.

Same sex marriage:  concern among a lot of people here about the effect on children.  No one can really predict about what will happen 10-20 years down the road.  It’s a social experiment that we are trying to track.  Currently there is very little research on this.  It brings up an entire discussion about what is the role of stability, single gender parenting?

Is science anti-family?  NO, science is pro-family.  A few examples: science demonstrates that male and female are uniquely different.  The differences are unique and will be forever regardless of any supreme court decision.  The fetus can learn, remember, feel, hear and that the unique bond between mom and baby can bond before birth.  Science also says that a woman cannot become a man and a man cannot become a woman.  We need to get the hard science out there because it is like a weapon of mass destruction and we are in a war!

Bruce Jenner about to be announced as “Woman of the Year” by Glamour magazine.  We are perpetuating a lie, a delusion that with hormones and surgery a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man.

This is a lie and many young people are being told that there is now a gender spectrum and only you, the child, can decide who you are and what you are feeling on any given day.

We are setting them out on a path to suffering to tell them this is a choice.

The sexual revolution that has been taking place around the world since the 50’s has created quite a cultural rift around the world.  Can it be repaired?

Yes, but it will take a lot of time.  We have to keep on proposing and denouncing the attacks on the family.  We need to not be reactive, rather defend with love. The matter is in God’s hands, but we must help turn the tide.

The sexual revolution – can we put the genie back in the bottle?  The use of contraception leads to abortion. There has to be such a strong counterexample to show an alternative to allow the other to collapse.

There is a need for an infusion of hope.  That is what faith gives us.  We need more examples of those struggling and overcoming.  Examples of overcoming pornography. Examples of a same sex attracted man staying married to his wife and working through the challenges.  Examples of youth choosing abstinence before marriage.

What can men in marriage do?  When did girls become women and men become boys?  Are men doing their part when it comes to marriage or are they being told not now?

Complementarity is what is needed in gender role discussions, rather than equality.

We need to understand our roles as children of God and how we can contribute with our divine gifts.

Research confirms how boys are strengthened by the unit of family.  Boys need a model of what it means to be a father.  60% women , 40% men in college.  here in UT it’s equal, and that is because of more stable homes.  When men do better, women do better, there is less abuse.

Live the truth about marriage ourselves.  What is it about that line from Ryan Anderson.

Read Ephesians, husbands love your wives.

Janet: Marriage is about change, becoming a better you with the help of seeing yourself through the eyes of another.

Family Acronym – forget about me I love you


I will change myself for you.
Head up, shoulders back may god bless you and your families and the great country in which we live.

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  • I hesitate to think that a government banning a book is a good thing, and perhaps the same applies to a movie – agency is always key. But I love the example of courageous blogging and the rest of the notes on the importance of marriage as the foundation of the family.

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