Protection for My Family – By Contributor Shalae Tippetts

Protection for My Family – By Contributor Shalae Tippetts

Recently I found myself getting discouraged with the wickedness and filth in the world. There is so much of it and it is everywhere!  No matter where you turn you can easily run into it, even when you aren’t seeking it. I was starting to fear for my children, and how they were going to be able to go through all the filth and not be tainted and destroyed by it.  I was remembering times where my children had already accidentally run into pornography on the internet, or been shown it by someone else.  I knew that we had been active as parents in trying to keep them from it. We talked about it with them, we put protection on our technology devices, and keep it out of our home.  But I knew the dangers and addictive nature of it, and was worrying about how they can possibly be surrounded by it nonstop in our society and come out unscathed.

I feared for times when they would be on their own, and be confronted with temptations from peers, family members, or strangers.  Would they be strong enough. Would they be able to say no and walk away. Would they be able to avoid it in the first place. It is easy to protect them when they are under my watch, and around me, but what about the times they are not.  What will protect them then?

It was at this point that the spirit reminded me again of very specific revelation that he had given me in the past on numerous occasions. It was an answer that I had been told over and over in various circumstances and he was now once again reminding me not to forget it, nor become slothful in doing what he has specifically revealed to me multiple times.  The message he has continually given was this. “If you want to protect your children, they must be involved in family history work. They must be saving their dead. They must be preparing names to go to the temple. They must be learning about them. They must be doing their work in the temple if they are old enough. Your answer to protecting your children is family history work and the temple.”

After being reminded of that once again, I felt a huge sense of relief. Knowing that this was true. Knowing that this answer had been told to me numerous times. I was reminded of the apostolic blessings of protection that have been given to the youth if they get involved in family history work. Here are just a few reminders.

Elder Bednar: “I promise you will be protected against the intensifying influence of the adversary. As you participate in and love this holy work, you will be safeguarded in your youth and throughout your lives.” 2011 – General Conference, The Hearts of the Children.

Elder Scott “Do you young people want a sure way to eliminate the influence of the adversary in your life? Immerse yourself in searching for your ancestors, prepare their names for the sacred vicarious ordinances available in the temple, and then go to the temple to stand as proxy for them to receive the ordinances of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. As you grow older, you will be able to participate in receiving the other ordinances as well. I can think of no greater protection from the influence of the adversary in your life.” The Joy of Redeeming the Dead, 2012.

Elder Anderson at Roots Tech “As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I invoke a blessing upon all within the sound of my voice; as you seek to contribute to this sacred work, both by finding those needing ordinances and then beginning their work in the temple, your own knowledge and faith in the Savior will increase, and you will receive a more certain witness that life continues beyond the veil. I know that life continues beyond the veil. I know it.”

What more do I want?  Three apostolic promises and declarations that if my children want to be protected and kept from the moral dangers of this world they must be involved in family history. As they do, their testimony of Jesus Christ will increase, their understanding of who they are and where they come from will increase. They will know that the veil is close. They will feel part of the greater picture. They will be protected as they go to the temple regularly to do baptisms.

Elder Bednar also spoke to all of us on the protection of the temple, reminding us of the promises the Lord God himself gave in Doctrine and Covenants about protection from the adversary through temple attendance.

“ We ask thee, Holy Father, to establish the people that shall worship, and honorably hold a name and standing in this thy house, to all generations and for eternity;

“ That no weapon formed against them shall prosper; that he who diggeth a pit for them shall fall into the same himself;

“ That no combination of wickedness shall have power to rise up and prevail over thy people upon whom thy name shall be put in this house;

“ And if any people shall rise against this people, that thine anger be kindled against them;

“ And if they shall smite this people thou wilt smite them; thou wilt fight for thy people as thou didst in the day of battle, that they may be delivered from the hands of all their enemies’ (D&C 109:24–28).

“Please consider these verses in light of the current raging of the adversary and what we have discussed about our willingness to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and the blessing of protection promised to those who honorably hold a name and standing in the holy temple. Significantly, these covenant blessings are to all generations and for all eternity. I invite you to study repeatedly and ponder prayerfully the implications of these scriptures in your life and for your family.

“We should not be surprised by Satan’s efforts to thwart or discredit temple worship and work. The devil despises the purity in and the power of the Lord’s house. And the protection available to each of us in and through temple ordinances and covenants stands as a great obstacle to the evil designs of Lucifer.” “Honorably holding a name and a standing.” Elder Bednar, Honorable Hold a Name and a Standing.

What incredible promises. They give me so much peace and hope for my children. They give me a determination to make sure that one of the priorities in my home and family is Family History work. That of all the things we can be engaged in, this is the most important one, because of the protection promised for my children against the powers of the destroyer. Who doesn’t want those kinds of blessings for their children?

I have personally come to believe that if my kids and I are involved in this work, at those times in the future when my child is away from me and is being tempted or confronted with evil, that there will be loved ones on the other side of the veil who will protect them, especially when I am unaware and physically unable to help. As we sacrifice our time, doing service for them that they cannot do for themselves, that they will protect my children when I am unable.

I know this is true. I have already seen it happen with my own children.  My daughter accidentally came across some pornography while on a computer.  It bothered her, and when she came to tell me about it, she was sick to her stomach. She admitted that she saw it, that it made her feel yucky. She knew she would feel better telling me about it.  But the thing that made her get away from it, and not want to go back and see it again was because she had recently been finding names to take to the temple for the very first time when she turned 12 years old. She told me that the thing that bothered her the most was that she knew if she looked at it, or kept looking at it she would not be able to go to the temple to do those baptisms for the dead.

As she sat crying she told me that she wanted more than anything to go to the temple, and she didn’t want that to keep her from being able to go.  We had a great talk about the dangers of it, but more importantly a discussion on how wonderful the temple was, that it was a good thing she wanted to be there, and keeping that resolve. Working on more names would help her not have a desire to sin, so that she could go there feeling pure and clean.  She has since turned twelve and has taken those names and others to the temple. She asks to go regularly, and I know that the more often I take her the more power she will have to withstand  temptations. What an incredible gift we have been given to help us in a sin-sick world.

I am grateful for the reminder that if I want to protect my children, that it is through their ancestors that it will happen. I just need to help facilitate turning my children’s hearts to the hearts of their fathers.

Shalae Tippetts also writes about similar topics on her personal blog, Mother Wife and Artist.

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  • This is so true. My husband recently had an experience in the temple where his grandparents (both passed on) let him know that they are helping us with our children. It was a very special experience, and something that we both needed to know!

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