Revelation Education-FREE Mentoring for New (or Considering) Homeschool Mamas (and Dads)

Revelation Education-FREE Mentoring for New (or Considering) Homeschool Mamas (and Dads)

So many parents are transitioning into homeschool recently, or considering a change.  I frequently receive inquiries, pleas, requests and cries for help.  I am no expert at homeschooling, but I am a believer in the power of educating ones own children and I’ve been working at it for a decade.  I have been converted to it by revelation and by watching the fruits of success in my own children and others. I am always so happy to offer ideas and share resources when possible to inquiring mamas.

I have NO reservations about recommending home education to others and feel strongly that parents should ask God to know for themselves if it is the right method of education for their family, with a prayer something like….

“Dear God, please confirm to us that our educational choices for our children are acceptable to thee and the very best possible option.  Or please send correction to help guide us to a better path that will lead our family back to thee and to exaltation. We are willing to follow thy will and seek it with open hearts and minds as we come to thee for counsel and confirmation or correction.”

He will answer you!  If he does, or already has (or if you feel prompted and inspired to move in the direction of home education)… you may be interested in the mentoring I am offering.  It is mentoring to continue on a path of asking God specific questions to receive revelation to guide the education process in your home. Literally, to seek divine aid and guidance for each individual child to help them on a path to obtain exaltation, or as I refer to it, “Revelation Education”.

Starting the first week of January, I’ll be offering a new version of my “Master Mentoring” program.  I want to share ideas about how to implement “Revelation Education” in a home school setting. This mentoring opportunity will last 13 weeks and is geared toward mothers and/or couples who are new to homeschool or who are considering homeschooling and want to learn more about how to partner with God in receiving revelation to share with their children “Education for Exaltation”.

This new mentoring model will be patterned after my current mentoring program, “Master Mentoring” that focuses on “Revelation and Leadership” (encouraging women and couples to apply the teachings from Elder Russel M. Nelson’s recent conference address, “A Plea to my Sisters”). Rather than focusing on leadership, however, we will shift the focus to “Revelation and Education” as it pertains to home education specifically.

  • This would be a good fit for you if you “think” the Lord is telling you to home school but you are not quite sure and don’t really know how to get an answer.
  • This would be a good fit for you if you are new to home school and feel lost, frustrated, discouraged, excited, inspired and are longing for help.
  • This would be a good fit for you if you are really ready to dive deep spiritually and ask difficult questions, being willing to consecrate your life and obey God when He answers you… because he will!!
  • This will be hard work.  It’s not for wimps.  You will be stretched and growing pains hurt, yet the payoffs are worth the struggle and effort.
  • You will be challenged beyond what feels comfortable and you will be well rewarded for your efforts!

We’ll explore the manuscript I’ve written sharing my own spiritual and home school journey that focuses on how to receive revelation. It is a collection of my experiences, being mentored by others prior to my awakening that I could be mentored by God, himself.  Each week of mentoring will feature media content, shared education documents to use as templates in your homeschool systems. We will also explore weekly topics to spiritually work on, invitations to improve spiritual habits and new ideas for spiritual experiments to help you draw nearer to God that he might literally draw nearer to you and answer your questions.  You will learn how to pose questions to get answers.

To learn more, you can read another post that is an intro to “Master Mentoring” to get an idea of what this experience might look like.

Master Mentoring: If you are ready to receive… (an intro to mentoring)

So if you think this would be of benefit to you, e-mail me your “WHY Statement” to karmel.larson at, (see link above for explanation of what that is) and we’ll begin sharing ideas together the first week in January, via live video chats and ongoing conversation with others in the group through a secret and closed Facebook group to further support one another during the 13 week experience.

I look forward to mutually uplifting one another as we dive into the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ and have as our goal, being “Mentored by our Master”.  As we do so, we can teach our children how to be mentored by Him,  thus aligning our educational goals as home educators, individuals and as a family with divine goals.

Ask God if you should join me and others, striving to educate our children for the eternities. I believe he answers our questions and wants us to ask more of them so that he can mentor us individually.

Your friend and willing helper-

Mama Karmel

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