Reversing the Crisis of the American Family: Solutions Which Offer Hope and Elevate the Importance of the Family in the Public Square

The Honorable Sam Brownback


We have to address a really big issue in the US today.  We need to bring together economic and social policies.  We have united to launch the index that measures the health of families across the nation.  We’ll be ranking all 50 states each year.  It is a truly revolutionary approach.

Imagine a triangle.  These men form the triangle of family policy, business and public policy.

Sam Brownback Speech Notes:

Two years ago I was in a meeting with several governors and we asked George Bush, what is the biggest long term problem facing America?  Decline of the family is what he said.  Look at it and look at the numbers… you know this!  Thank you for fighting for families.  It’s an important fight and we have got to win it!  This is a long term fight about the family as the family is critically important.  We need to do so lovingly.  40 % of children being born out of wedlock in the country now.  Sure they can become great human beings, but the odds and the numbers are stacked against them.  We want to have the best chances for everyone.

We have got to convince America that this is something we need to do.  America reinvents itself on a regular basis.  When I began in office there was smoking in all government offices.  Now there is no smoking anywhere in government offices.

I’m flying to see Paul Ryan after this conference.  One of the key things that he wants to work on is poverty reduction.  Poverty rates are roughly the same as they were when LBJ was working on poverty.

Work – Education – Family Structure are the key to getting out of poverty!!!!

We all have problems but we should be working toward the ideal.  Not everyone will ever get there or achieve it but that’s what we shoot for and move towards.  The only way that we lose is if we stop fighting.  The key to getting people out of poverty is to work with families.

Mother Teresa collecting funds door to door in the streets of Calcutta before she was famous.  Man spit on her before she spoke.  He disagreed with her faith.  She wiped off the spit and said that was for me… do you have something for the kids, help out her hand for money.  He gave her money.  The point is that this is a hard thing we are doing.  Keep at it!


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