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“We need women who are organized and women who can organize. We need women with executive ability who can plan and direct and administer; women who can teach, women who can speak out.”

mama bearOn October 4, 2015, I watched the conference address below, by Elder Russel M. Nelson and it impacted me deeply.  I would go so far to say that the spirit of the Lord shot through my being and literally called me to action.  That night and into the next morning, I offered my whole self, again, to the Lord, asking him to reveal to me what he would have me DO in response to this call to action by Elder Nelson. I set myself to intense prayer pleading, “I am willing to be the kind of woman called for by Elder Nelson.  Please tell me what to do.”  In response to my pleadings, the Lord gave me 3 assignments:

  • Launch this website and blog live from the World Congress of Families in SLC 2015
  • Gather organizations who seek to strengthen families and create and host HUB nights
  • Organize all of the homeschooling leaders of Utah into a democratic society to “HELP Utah” parents take a lead role in their children’s education.

I am actively working on all three tasks he revealed to me. I seek the Lord’s assistance and will, to become the kind of woman that Elder Nelson was pleading for and intend to record and share my journey through this MamaKarmel.com blog.

Let’s ALL be the type of woman described and called for by Elder Nelson and share a dialogue of what transpires as we heed that call!

“We need women who are organized and women who can organize. We need women with executive ability who can plan and direct and administer; women who can teach, women who can speak out. …

“We need women with the gift of discernment who can view the trends in the world and detect those that, however popular, are shallow or dangerous.

Today, let me add that we need women who know how to make important things happen by their faith and who are courageous defenders of morality and families in a sin-sick world. We need women who are devoted to shepherding God’s children along the covenant path toward exaltation; women who know how to receive personal revelation, who understand the power and peace of the temple endowment; women who know how to call upon the powers of heaven (pray) to protect and strengthen children and families; women who teach fearlessly.

I add my voice to others who are actively calling upon the powers of heaven (praying) to organize, courageously defend truth and to teach it fearlessly.  And so his plea, guides my effort to share here on MamaKarmel.com, something that will hopefully be meaningful to another “mama bear” in her quest to nurture her children.


A mama bear is an intently focused mother who is protective, but in a good way. She acts like a mother bear in all senses of the word; caring, protective, helpful, loving, powerful, strong, a refuge of sorts.  She is a mother who is lovable and kind, yet has a ferocious side to be reckoned with when necessary to protect her cubs.

My extended family members have always called me “Mama Karmel” and so it seemed fitting to use that title to share my thoughts on my role as a woman, especially as a mother, in an era when I believe it is more needed than ever for mamas to rise up and roar in defense of our families.  I echo Elder Nelson and call for more mamas to pray intently, organize quickly, defend courageously and teach fearlessly.

I add to his call for these responsibilities, my own which is to nourish.  In my role as a mother I have been guided to learn how to nourish my family physically, spiritually and emotionally in ways that are essential for them to fulfill their highest divine potential.  I’m excited to share in all of these 5 areas (5 bear claws), blogging on MamaKarmel.com (and anything else that might cross my mind… )

Nourish Purposefully * Pray Intently * Organize Quickly

Defend Courageously * Teach Fearlessly

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