Sharing My Best Kept Secret of Temple Attendance…

Sharing My Best Kept Secret of Temple Attendance…

Part of the successful formula of the divine mentoring process is like unto an earthly mentor’s expectation:

Weekly Return & Report

I have learned to listen to the prompting of the Spirit.  When the Spirit directs me to a certain task, I take it to the Lord for confirmation via revelation to be certain that I am on track and truly living according to His divine command and personal assignments for me.  I have come to know that He has a very specific life track for me and the path He puts before me is not always the one I would choose of my own making.  His directed course for me always proves to be harder and better than what I was thinking.  Here is one such example, which led to a blessing that transformed my life.

I have a pattern for attending the temple.  It goes like this: Every Saturday morning, I wake up at 4:30 a.m., and I’m ready by 5 to nurse my baby and get out the door to arrive at the temple by 5:25.  I like to be one of the first patrons to arrive so that I can be first into the initiatory session.  This allows me to arrive into the celestial room about 45 minutes before the first endowment session ends.  So every Saturday morning, I have that time alone in the celestial room to pray, meditate, ponder, read and commune with God.  The other part of my routine is that I ALWAYS take a question with me to the temple.  I pray about it right before or as I drive to the temple.  Then in my locker I record the question, writing it down and praying about it again, requesting guidance and the answer to come while I am at the temple that day.  Before leaving the temple, I record in my temple notebook the answers that come as well as any other promptings or thoughts I believe might be instructive.

So if you can swallow the early alarm clock on any morning… it is so worth it to enjoy communing with God in the Celestial room, alone for such an extended period.  This is when and where God and I really discuss matters and he directs my life, in a real and literal way.  That is worth shaving off a few hours of sleep here and there.  Try it at least once…. you might get hooked.  Spiritual connection with God can become quite addictive.  I’m an addict for sure!

2 thoughts on “Sharing My Best Kept Secret of Temple Attendance…”

  • Wait! I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know this, but can I go into the celestial room after doing initiatories? I always thought I had to do an endowment session first — which is tricky with a newborn being left at home. Do you just change into your robes after doing initiatory work and ask to be taken up? Reading through these posts has me realizing that if I want guidance like you seem to be a natural at attaining, I need to up my game to get it.

    • Yes, you can go to the Celestial Room after doing ANY temple work. You just need to do some work in any area and then ask for an escort from a temple worker to be taken to the celestial room. I would not say I’m a “natural” at attaining any more than I would say my professional jazz piano husband is a natural at that. He spent a considerable part of his life attaining that skill as I have spent a considerable amount of my life attaining a very close connection to God and understanding of how to communicate with him. This is something anyone can access…. the key: Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you. Thanks so much for commenting and thanks for visiting my blog.

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