Become as a Child: Scripture Study – By Contributor Mama Emily Perkes

Hello! I’m Mama Emily Perkes and my posts are going to revolve around the theme of “Becoming as a Little Child” and the spiritual lessons I learn from my children. On several occasions in the scriptures are we given the commandment to become like children. In 3 Nephi 11:37-38, it repeats almost the exact same command one verse right after the other: 37 And again I say unto you, ye must repent,...
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Revelation Education-FREE Mentoring for New (or Considering) Homeschool Mamas (and Dads)

So many parents are transitioning into homeschool recently, or considering a change.  I frequently receive inquiries, pleas, requests and cries for help.  I am no expert at homeschooling, but I am a believer in the power of educating ones own children and I’ve been working at it for a decade.  I have been converted to it by revelation and by watching the fruits of success in my own...
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20% of public schooled kids keeping the faith – 94% of home educated youth! -National Home Education Research Institute at the World Congress of Families

Tonight I am offering an intro to home schooling discussion as part of HUB night in Orem, UT.  So I thought it was time to brush off my notes from the World Congress of Families presentation by the National Home Education Institute. My favorite session at the World Congress of Families 2015 in SLC was the data presented by the Home Education Research Institute.  Wow – revealing.  I already...
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