20% of public schooled kids keeping the faith – 94% of home educated youth! -National Home Education Research Institute at the World Congress of Families

Tonight I am offering an intro to home schooling discussion as part of HUB night in Orem, UT.  So I thought it was time to brush off my notes from the World Congress of Families presentation by the National Home Education Institute. My favorite session at the World Congress of Families 2015 in SLC was the data presented by the Home Education Research Institute.  Wow – revealing.  I already...
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Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. We must take the political leadership to speak up for families!

The Reverend Rafael Cruz, Director, Grace for America, “Empowering the Faithful to Restore the Family”, speaking at World Congress of Families IX SLC 2015.  My notes from his speech: Do you realize that America is the only country on the earth founded upon the word of god.  The bible says , if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do.  The greatest threat is secular...
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