What I Do – By Contributor Mama Kathrine

“So what do you do all day?” An innocent, conversational question. But this time, I was speechless.   We had invited some friends for dinner, a cute newlywed couple. The husband we’d known for some time, and we enjoyed a great evening catching up together. We got to know the wife and learned all about their plans for the future. After discussing education, children, and careers, there was a...
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Investing in Children – By Contributor Mama Michelle

I am a mother of five children and we have been on an educational journey at home for the last two years.  Several thoughts I’ve had of education and children have transformed since then.   In social settings I am reminded how much my thoughts have changed.  People talk about ideas that were once normal to me and now seem so foreign.  One of these ideas that has stuck out to me has been the...
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Revelation Education-FREE Mentoring for New (or Considering) Homeschool Mamas (and Dads)

So many parents are transitioning into homeschool recently, or considering a change.  I frequently receive inquiries, pleas, requests and cries for help.  I am no expert at homeschooling, but I am a believer in the power of educating ones own children and I’ve been working at it for a decade.  I have been converted to it by revelation and by watching the fruits of success in my own...
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