Revelation Education-FREE Mentoring for New (or Considering) Homeschool Mamas (and Dads)

So many parents are transitioning into homeschool recently, or considering a change.  I frequently receive inquiries, pleas, requests and cries for help.  I am no expert at homeschooling, but I am a believer in the power of educating ones own children and I’ve been working at it for a decade.  I have been converted to it by revelation and by watching the fruits of success in my own...
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If you are ready to “Receive and Act”, this may interest you… FREE Mentoring on “Revelation & Leadership.

With 86,000 views in less than a week, I have not only received an abundance of inquiries of those who want to help with the abortion – adoption discussion Click HERE to RSVP and attend a meeting on November 10th at 5pm to “Link” together those who want to help, learn more and hear more about what is happening as a result of our original post (read the original post, “We will adopt your...
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