What I Do – By Contributor Mama Kathrine

“So what do you do all day?” An innocent, conversational question. But this time, I was speechless.   We had invited some friends for dinner, a cute newlywed couple. The husband we’d known for some time, and we enjoyed a great evening catching up together. We got to know the wife and learned all about their plans for the future. After discussing education, children, and careers, there was a...
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Joy in Meal Planning – By Contributor Mama Jennifer

As a mother, we have been given the responsibility, by our Heavenly Father, to use our gifts to nurture our families. Nurturing takes many forms, one of which is nurturing temporally by feeding and nourishing our families. I was at a nutrition workshop where I heard Angie Christensen point out that Adam was given a commandment “by the sweat of [his] brow he would eat.” In our modern age of giant...
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