Investing in Children – By Contributor Mama Michelle

I am a mother of five children and we have been on an educational journey at home for the last two years.  Several thoughts I’ve had of education and children have transformed since then.   In social settings I am reminded how much my thoughts have changed.  People talk about ideas that were once normal to me and now seem so foreign.  One of these ideas that has stuck out to me has been the...
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Prayer and Chocolate Milk – by Contributor Mama Ingrid

I have found that the Lord often answers our prayers in unexpected ways. Did I think “chocolate milk” would ever be the answer to my prayer? No, not ever. But it was once. And when it came, I’m glad I didn’t doubt it. I had been having one of “those days.” I had un-put-away groceries all over the kitchen, a big project spread out all over the dining room table, two little kids who had had...
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Noble Fatherhood – By Contributor Mama Elizabeth

“Mom, I’m in love with….!” I have wondered what it would feel like when one on my daughters confided her first love to me. Would it be a late  after date night? Maybe. Maybe… …. in the kitchen… …me at the counter and her at the table… or on the couch …clock eyed waiting for the details of that special date… the one she had...
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