Pornography: Connecting the Dots Between Exploitation

Notes from presentation by Dawn Hawkins, National Center on Sexual Exploitation, at the World Congress of Families IX 2015 SLC Please watch this short documentary  It is essential viewing!!! It is beyond an individuals or a family’s capacity to protect against pornography alone. Pornography is a public health crisis. It is coming at us from every angle.  We are...
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The Impact of Internet Pornography and Sexually Addictive Behavior on Married Women

I remember in 2009, as a Relief Society President, the Bishop asked me to prepare a 5th Sunday lesson on pornography… specifically, to prepare the hearts of the wives to receive the confessions of their husbands and be willing to help them because the following Sunday, the Stake President was going to be talking to the men in Priesthood session and calling upon them to confess to their...
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The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Families and Society

YOU MUST WATCH THIS NOW!!!!  PLEASE SHARE AND TALK ABOUT THIS WITH YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. I thought I was well educated on the topic of pornography and yet this documentary had some eye openers for me!!  Watch this right now and then watch it again with your children.  Let’s be discussing this mamas!  How can we be courageously defending our families if we don’t know...
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