Our Divine Identity, Part 3: Scriptural and Prophetic words to guide – By Contributor Mama Wendy

Scriptural Meaning of Divine Identity 3 Nephi 20:25 And behold, ye are the children of the prophets; and ye are of the house of Israel; and ye are of the covenant which the Father made with your fathers, saying unto Abraham: And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed. I am “the children of the prophets” and “of the house of Israel.” These both identify me and bind me to...
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Our Divine Identity, Part 2: Reason and Record – By Contributor Mama Wendy

“Reason and record what you learn about the Divine Identity you are seeking, as well as that which is lost through this effort and defining synonyms.” Identity includes what makes you unique and different from anyone else. Identity is like your fingerprint and like a snowflake; it’s what makes you different from anyone else.  The individuality and distinctiveness that separates...
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Unity or Separation – By Contributor Mama Wendy

May we all unite in a common objective “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” —Edward Dube, “Look Ahead and Believe” Last year I was blessed to go on a women’s retreat to the mountains and celebrate Mother’s Day a little early with a much needed rejuvenation and rest cure. It was a wonderful time, and I got to know ladies from my neighborhood and church group...
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