The Big and Small of It – By Contributor Mama Jennifer

I am not the best at being perfectly consistent about writing. I often do not know what to write and so it is easy to put it off to the end of my study hour and then it’s too easy to just continue reading until my time is gone and I don’t get around to the writing part. I’m trying to be better. I pulled out my notebook this morning as the typical “what to write”...
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The Gift of Writing – By Contributor Mama Vanessa

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my thoughts. What do I think about when I’m not thinking? Seems ironic, doesn’t it? But we’re always thinking something; we’re just not always aware of our thoughts. But if our thoughts form our character, it seems pretty important that we know of what our thoughts consist because they are forming the kind of person we become. In my quest to...
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