The Feedback

“Karmel, the way you live your life in all of your God-given assignments is your soul’s song!  Think of all of the things (very hard, difficult, challenging things) that God has asked you to do and you have accomplished them with perfect faith!  I do not know of anyone personally on Earth who has been able to master revelation like you and actually put it into motion and accomplish the works of God the way you do!  I have only read books of people like you. I am very honored to have been able to hear what projects and assignments you have been asked to accomplished and to hear the miracles that happen along the way. ” -Stacey Beadle, Pleasant Grove, UT


“I have been looking for something, or someone for a while now and I know it was not coincidental that I ended up here.  I needed to be lead by someone but it couldn’t just be anyone, it had to be someone who shared my same goals and desires and wanted only to please God.  Can you believe he led me to you?  Wonderful! Thanks again for your sacrifice, it means everything to me.” Michelle Olsen, Utah


“I loved the call this morning. I felt just giddy and grateful to be learning in a focused, guided way with other women! I feel like this is really a process that will help me take life up a notch. Thank you for sharing so boldly, lovingly and candidly. In these short few weeks, this mentoring has changed my life. Thank you!” – Megan McGary, Utah


“When I enrolled in this class and took upon the assignment to ask God what I needed to learn, three questions promptly flowed into my mind. I knew they were from God. One of the questions I had never even considered. After studying and praying I took one of these questions to the temple this week and again, through scripture and the spirit, He taught me in the celestial room. I am journaling about it right now and won’t share all the details, but tears flowed down my cheeks as I felt His love for me. I want to shout on the roof tops that God lives and loves us and wants to guide us back to Him. I AM LOVING THIS NEW PATTERN!” – Stephanie Porter, AZ


“I completely love this mentoring process and it has been a game changer in how I think, operate in my daily duties, set goals and decide what I want to achieve in my life. With this journey my goals are refined, daily centered on the spiritual, focused on a connection to God, more inclusive to family and self-awareness in positive ways. With these weekly assignments my habits are dramatically improving (slowly for some, better for others), but daily prayers and scripture study have reached new depth and I love it. I am expanding my spiritual perspective and strengthening my testimony of God’s plan, Christ’s Atonement, and how I need to do to my spiritual work for internal growth. I am learning how to ask questions and seek answers through personal revelation for confirmation or correction. I love how Karmel shares her experiences and am encouraged to be brave in my own writing.” – Heidi Foss, Provo, UT


“Thank you Karmel, for last night’s’ class! You actually gave me an exact answer to what I have been praying about regarding my “spiritual experience”!”


“I have felt so thankful for this mentoring opportunity lately. It seems in the last few weeks of just trying to focus more on revelation and hearing the Lord’s voice that things are happening in my life, or at least I am more aware of it and looking for it. I have had some sweet experiences this week as I’ve tried to follow through on some promptings that I have been given.”  – Shalae Tippetts, Provo, UT


“Thank you.  You are the real deal Karmel.  It will always be hard for some people to believe you can do everything that you do.  It is those people who have not had experiences with God that expands their capacity to influence His children.   They just can’t believe it because unless you have experienced that for yourself, it just looks impossible and crazy and looks like too much movement.  It is something you can not explain.  Thanks for your wisdom!”  -Pleasant Grove, UT


“I’ve spent all evening reading your book, and I just wanted to write you a quick note and say thank you for following the spirit and writing this all down.  This morning I felt kind of silly writing you that email out of no where, but the spirit was powerful and told me there was something I needed to learn from you.  Thank you for feeling comfortable sharing this with me.” -Utah
“I have been praying for help and your book is exactly what I am in need of. It is answering questions, giving me insight, and helping me in more ways than you can know.  I love and appreciate you!!  What an incredible example of discipleship in Christ, and seeker of HIS light and knowledge you have laid out in your writings. My life has been changed as a result of reading the small amount I was able to get through tonight.  I can’t wait to keep learning from you as I have time to read more.”  -Alpine, UT

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