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The Laundry Miracle – By Contributor Mama Shan’tel

The Laundry Miracle – By Contributor Mama Shan’tel

Recently an older lady at church told my husband that she would like to help serve us and for us to have a bag a laundry ready for her to pick up the next day. My husband told her that that would be very appreciated.  I had recently had a baby and I was still trying to figure out how to manage three kids with little sleep, and our families lived far away and weren’t able help us often.  Also, she didn’t know this, but our dryer had broken several months earlier and I had been creatively air drying our clothes all over our apartment.

When my husband told me that she was going to come the next day to get a bag of laundry, I was very apprehensive. It’s hard to accept help, and our laundry was definitely very dirty with three small kids! Plus, I barely knew this kind lady! I decided to go ahead and let her serve us as embarrassing as that may be. I honestly could use the help, so I let my pride go. I put some of our “cleanest” dirty laundry into a bag and had it ready for her. Sure enough she showed up as promised to get our laundry. I was embarrassed but I handed it over.

The next day she brought back our laundry nicely folded and smelling wonderful. Every week since then she calls me up and tells me to have a bag of laundry ready for her to pick up. Sometimes she even puts a little treat at the bottom of the bag of clothes when she returns it to us.  She has been such a huge blessing in our lives. The help with laundry has been tremendous, but the even bigger blessing has been knowing that someone cares about us and love us. I know that God hears our prayers and answers them in unexpected and miraculous ways.

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