The Soul-Garden – By Contributor Mama Heidi Marie

Nature has such powerful life lessons. I adore flowers, blooms and metaphors with these amazing creations. I recently took a few trips to the garden shops with my kids; yes, crazy, but I tried to share one of my happy places with my little ones. Both a sweet and sour experience to be honest, but I love the results nonetheless. The garden shop has lovely growing seeds, the smell of lush dirt and happy buds and blooms! The children hopefully soaked in the beautiful bits of nature and learned something. A few days later my pretween nine-year old daughter wanted to have “some special time” with me to plant the flowers…ah okay! Not a normal request, so yes, thank you! As we prepared the dirt to plant the flowers, we pulled weeds, during which I taught about the Atonement, how Christ helps us cleanse our ground so we can have beautiful things grow in our life. We talked about how it takes work and self-awareness of our heart and mind, but removing the weeds and planting better, improved thoughts or behaviors brings great rewards. My personal weeds are abundant; I’m acutely aware of my weaknesses, so I’m very thankful for Christ, the Atonement and the Grace of God, which helps me rid my soul-garden of the unwanted, and provides the strength and power to plant blooms of greater joy, peace and personal growth.  For this change and constant nourishment enables the beautiful to become more abundant in my life.

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